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Miike Snow Interview, April 12th 2010

Miike Snow Interview, April 12th 2010 conducted by Hugo Lunny We were expecting to give MVRemix readers and viewers the interview in video form, but that didn’t get to happen. Upon arriving at the venue, Miike Snow’s manager told me that the video interview I had assumed we were going to be conducting would in actual fact not take place, and that we could still use the video camera but only for audio. He was informed one thing, we were another. And so, still wanting the interview to take place,…

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Lullabye Arkestra Interview Part 2

Lullabye Arkestra Interview Interviewed by Heather Snowball MVRemix: And so you guys started dating before you formed as a band? Kat: Just before… Justin: Like four days. It was like…we could go to a movie or to the rehearsal studio. MVRemix: Do you find that being a couple provides a good dynamic for being on stage and for writing music? Lullabye Arkestra: Yeah. Kat: I don’t think that we are sickeningly couple-y on stage at all. Justin: No not at all. I think it is suspended well when we are…

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Lullabye Arkestra Interview

MVRemix: Have you ever been to Vancouver before? Kat: No, I haven’t. Justin has been here before numerous times with his other bands. For me it’s a first. I’m kind of seeing it from afar, seeing the mountains, it’s really breathtaking. And then we have two days to drive to Edmonton so we are going through the mountains so I’m pretty excited. MVRemix: On your tour you’ve been with Pierced Arrows most of the time, but you split from them for a bit, were you joined by other bands? Justin:…

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Microbunny Interview

Microbunny’s Al Okada interviewed by Terri-Ann Thomas Starting out as nothing more than experimenting with computer technology, Al Okada’s hobby has become his career. With two successful albums under his belt, his group Microbunny is back with their third album, 49 Swans. A new look and a new sound, Microbunny makes a conscious decision to ensure that their fans not only play their album once, but also plays it over and over again. In just a week before their album release party, Al Okada talks with MVRemix. MVRemix: Why the…

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You Say Party! We Say Die Interview!

You Say Party! We Say Die Interview! conducted by Caley Dimmock Caley Dimmock caught up with Becky Ninkovic of You Say Party! We Say Die! for an exclusive interview for before they performed at the Orpheum theatre in Vancouver, BC, January 22nd, 2010 YSP!WSD! Interview

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Scores New York Girls Interview: Paris and Mariah

Scores Girls Interview: Paris and Mariah conducted by Caley Dimmock Having freshly re-opened the world renowned Scores gentleman’s club in New York city is once again redefining gentleman’s clubs in NYC. Boasting a restaurant modeled on the internationally acclaimed Robert’s Steakhouse, Scores hosts is sister establishment, Roberts Restaurant. Roberts will serve top-rated cuisine with a trendy twist, and the club aims to compete with other restaurants around Manhattan, with more than just delicious meals. MVRemix caught up with Paris and Mariah, two of the girls from Scores to ask them…

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