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Kodaline – Love Like This EP review

Irish rockers Kodaline like to sing about such lofty topics as ‘Standing in the parking lot of life’. This is a band that has drawn comparisons to Coldplay and Oasis, two bands I always felt were completely overrated and indicative of all that is wrong with the music industry. So, it was with a high measure of trepidation and uncertainty that I found myself entering into this next assigned review. Honestly, the band isn’t as bad as all that. They’re definitely much better than Oasis, and way less melodramatic and…

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Kodaline – In a Perfect World album review

There’s something to be said for an album that can move you with simplicity. Simple lyrics, simple melodies, and simple harmonies, though generally all hallmarks of boring albums played once and then forgotten, are virtues for Kodaline’s latest effort, “In a Perfect World.” Couple these simple elements with the melancholy, singer/songwriter-esque vocals of lead singer Steven Garrigan, and a few catchy melodies full of a few memorable phrases, and you’ve got an awfully good album. As far as instruments are concerned, everything is pretty simple. “In a Perfect World” loves…

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