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The Memories – Love is the Law album review

The Memories are a sun-soaked, dreamy power pop band based out of Portland, Oregon, sharing members with the punk outfit White Fang. Their most recent release (on Burger Records, a label with an impressive repertoire, to say the least) Love is the Law features seventeen songs to the tune of short and sweet. Simplicity, then, is the key stylistic element. The bare-bones guitar riffs supplement lyrics that stick to talking about girls and weed. Sound easy to get into? Transparent, almost? That’s absolutely right. Simplicity should never be interpreted as…

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Vondelpark – Seabed album review

Despite “Seabed” being the English electronic act “Vondelpark”‘s first proper full length, it is safe to say that it is quite a shift in form from their previous musical identity. Prior to this release, Vondelpark released a series of EPs that was more in the realm of dance/house/electronica. With Seabed, the band wanted to challenge themselves a bit more to create a self-proclaimed “real album” and not just a collection of songs with a simple house dance-party vibe. While their signature R&B luster remained in tact, Seabed showcases a much…

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Yellow Ostrich – Ghost EP review

Yellow Ostrich may have released a full-length album earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped their creative juices from concocting yet another, more aurally uniform piece via their moody and appropriately dubbed Ghost EP. If the name Alex Schaaf rings a bell, it’s because he also figures as lead singer for Wisconsin-based band The Chairs (not to be confused with the British band). Yellow Ostrich started off as Schaaf’s solo project in 2009. The following year, Schaaf relocated to Brooklyn and added drummer Michael Tapper to the lineup, with bassist Jon Natchez…

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Sera Cahoone – Deer Creek Canyon album review

Let’s get out of here a while, I’m counting down every mile, suggests Sera Cahoone in “Oh My.” But you won’t need to wait until the last track to realize that you’ve long been lured into her charming indie rock country-western Deer Creek Canyon with little desire of coming out anytime soon. The Littleton, Colorado native traces her love of music back to her younger years, when she learned to play drums at 11 years of age. Her move to Seattle in ‘98 would lead her to drum for band…

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Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring for My Halo review

This publication missed Kurt Vile’s excellent Smoke Ring for My Halo when it came out in March. But now that Kurt’s got an EP coming out, I figure it’s as good a time as any to review the album. The cover of the forthcoming EP, So Outta Reach, shows a bunch of different shots of an unkempt Kurt Vile asleep sitting up in a big armchair at some party, and in each picture somebody has their arm around him and is smiling at the camera. Your first reaction is laughter,…

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Seapony – Go With Me review

The year is 2011, yet for some reason the trend in Indie music is to make music that sounds like it was recorded using equipment that was found in the closet of the recording studio collecting dust. Seapony is a three piece indie pop band that has found a niche using jangling guitars , catchy hooks and lo-fi production qualities to craft a pretty impressive debut record, Go With Me. The band hails from Seattle but you can hear the SoCal surf sound and 60’s girl pop all over this…

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