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The Memories – Love is the Law album review

The Memories are a sun-soaked, dreamy power pop band based out of Portland, Oregon, sharing members with the punk outfit White Fang. Their most recent release (on Burger Records, a label with an impressive repertoire, to say the least) Love is the Law features seventeen songs to the tune of short and sweet. Simplicity, then, is the key stylistic element. The bare-bones guitar riffs supplement lyrics that stick to talking about girls and weed. Sound easy to get into? Transparent, almost? That’s absolutely right. Simplicity should never be interpreted as…

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I The Leviathan – Trespassing EP review

According to Hebrew lore as stated in the Tanakh, a Leviathan is a massive sea creature that has dwelled at the depths of the ocean since the beginning of time. In modern Hebrew, the word roughly translates to “whale,” thereby establishing a clear connection to the story of Job. The Leviathan has a rich history in the Abrahamic religions and more contemporary literature (even serving as the namesake for a work by Thomas Hobbes). Mere mention of its name elicits vivid pictures of a timeless, massive entity spanning the collective…

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Matt Corby – Resolution EP review

The Resolution EP offers listeners a fresh taste of what is to come from Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby. It is a clear continuation of his previous work and simultaneously marks a new chapter in his career. The single (for which the EP is named) was released just before a sold-out national tour, giving a preview for a full-length record to be released. In the midst of Corby’s ascent to fame, the Resolution EP deserves to be digested. At first glance, the EP seems a bit lacking in material, with four…

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Wise Blood – ID album review

ID is the most recent effort from Pittsburgh’s Chris Laufman, perhaps more widely acknowledged as the recording artist Wise Blood. Laufman is, for all intents and purposes, a beatmaker, sampling what seems to be thousands of sound clips from an eclectic range of artists. He manipulates them until they are miles removed from the original: essentially a musical Frankenstein’s Monster, sewn together in ways that make one wonder whether or not it’s playing God or just artistic ingenuity. There are arguments for both, of course. Wise Blood’s end result is…

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Work Drugs – Mavericks album review

Mavericks by Work Drugs is the most recent full-length release by the sun-soaked Philadelphia synth-pop outfit. They bring to the proverbial table a largely accessible testament to the genre with some underlying substance and subject matter driving their music. At first glance, there seems to be a slight disconnect between the band’s aesthetic and their city of origin. Philadelphia is widely considered to be a part of the geographical (and perhaps even more so, cultural) United States East Coast. However, Work Drugs employs a distinctly West Coast image evident in…

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The Silent Comedy – Friends Divide EP review

The Silent Comedy are a rock group based out of San Diego, California. They have been garnering a great deal of attention recently, attracting a sizeable fanbase with their brand of folk and Americana-tinged music. In doing so, they are growing rapidly out of the bar scene that they once called home. In that way, their music tends to reflect their roots and upbringing. To that end, I’m not sure I’ve been exposed to a more accurate sonic representation of bar culture. And I’m almost positive that’s not a great…

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