Outkast – Aquemini review

I have been waiting since ‘ATLiens’ came out for a follow up. I know it was only their second but I never really listened much to their first. It seemed as if Big Boi and Dre came out with ‘Aquemini’ within minutes after I’d seen it advertised. But its been in the works for a while.

I got really annoyed because when I saw other reviews, for example the review in The Source – 5 mics? And reviews at such places at the Krib (www.krib.com) – 5 stars, I thought to myself now they’ve gone to a stage greater than anything ever. I’m not saying this album isn’t dope, no not in the slightest. But, think of it this way, 5 mics, 10/10, 100% all refers to something that cannot be improved upon. Even though I love this and even though I can’t really think of a way that it could be enhanced, I still don’t think it deserves a flawless mark.

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OutKast – Idlewild review

Yep. Big Boi was right. Everyone is wondering, “are you and Andre still making songs”? Well it appears not, but they do still make albums together. Idlewild is the 6th installment of the OutKast catalog and the second that allowed the artists to do their own thing. Only two songs on the whole album feature both artists, but no complaints on the polarization of OutKast. Although I would like to hear them together welding their two different sounds on a track, this album didn’t disappoint.

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OutKast – Stankonia review

Whenever conversation arises about the future of hip-hop, two extremes are brought up: that obscure avant-garde artists will expand the boundaries for all concerned, or that repetitive crass commercialism will beat the music like a dead horse. The truth is that most of the future hip-hop won’t sound like the sonic experiments of Reaching Quiet or the recycled Puffy redundancy; it will be determined by successful, creative artists. More specifically, the future of hip-hop is Outkast. As universally respected figureheads of the Southern rap renaissance, Big Boi and Andre 3000 are probably hip-hop’s most important group, and ‘Stankonia’ is a fine follow-up in their tradition of diverse and brilliant albums.

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