120 Days release new EP Sedated Times on Vice Records

Norwegian electronic rock band 120 Days just released a digital EP June 26th on Vice Records. Featuring songs previously released only in Norway, studio versions of live staples, and an exclusive reinterpretation of “Come Out Come Down Fade Out Be Gone” by Secret Machines, SEDATED TIMES is a a 7 song power house of what the band has been, what they are now, and a glimpse into where the they will take us next year.

1. Float
2. Let Me Come Down
3. So This Is Suicide
4. Sleepless Nights #II
5. Justine
6. Sedated Times
7. BONUS: Come Out Come Down Fade Out Be Gone (Reconstructed by Secret Machines)

The band will release a new 12″ in the fall, their first collaboration with Norwegian space-disco producer Lindstrøm, and begins work on their second full-length in the winter for an 2008 release.


June 21 Sunndal, Sunndal Kulturfestival (NORWAY)
June 28 Hove, Hove festivalen (NORWAY)
June 29 Stjørdal, Hell Music Fest (NORWAY)
July 7 Roskilde, Roskilde Festival (DENMARK)
July 12 Arvika, Arvika festivalen (SWEDEN)
July 13 Florø, Fotballflora (NORWAY)
July 14 Wales, Swansea, Flam Festival (UK)
July 15l Indian Summer festival, Glasgow (SCOTLAND)
July 19l Molde, Moldejazz (NORWAY)
July 21l Tønsberg, Slottsfjell-festival (NORWAY)

July 26 Emmaboda, Emmaboda-festivalen (SWEDEN)
Aug 03 Ã…ndalsnes, Raumarock (NORWAY)
Aug 11 Osaka, Summersonic Festival (JAPAN)
Aug 12 Tokyo, Summersonic Festival (JAPAN)
Aug 17 Steinkjær, Steinkjær-festivalen (NORWAY)
Aug 24 Bodø, Parkenfestivalen (NORWAY)
Sep 8 Stavanger, Numusic Festival (NORWAY)

Their self-titled debut album from Vice Records is one of the most amazing of the year, taking elements of a very modern mood, mixing them with an almost classic-rock feel and taking off to someplace elegantly galactic, like on the single “Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone),” which makes you want to smash illusions, take off, hook up. – URB

Wonder what Radiohead would have sounded like if they had discovered big, room-filling synthesizers during their U2-worshipping phase? The answer is 120 Days, a Norwegian quartet that creates giant, sweeping, rock epics powered by a thick distillation of guitars, bass, and rumbling analog synths. Rather than evoke new wave, these young rockers sound like late-’70s techno-punks mingling with mid-’70s prog-rockers over a 21st century Pro Tools rig, banging out cell phone-waving anthems for hipsters and nerds alike. – XLR8R

120 Days is an interstellar storm of dance beats, synth riffs, guitar drones and Bono-in-Berlin vocals. – ROLLING STONE

It’s a post-punk, post-rave, post-pre-Armageddon masterpiece of sleazy, chaos-worshipping industrial rock, not all unlike Primal’s brilliant XTRMNTR. Good thing they’re on our side, then. – FILTER


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