Boys Night Out Interview

Boys Night Out Interview

Interview conducted by JKE Dean

I was fortunate enough to be able to get a few questions answered by “laser” Dave Costa bass player of Boys Night Out .

MVRemix: How have the kids at shows received the new material?

Dave: It’s gone over very well. Probably the best so far of any record. Which is awesome, considering we usually get a lot of shit when we have new records come out, and they usually sound very different from each other.

MVRemix: What was the writing process like for this album?

Dave: It was really easy, but pretty long. I think we took about 2-3 months off to write. So we really tried to refine the songs, and write properly structured songs this time. Get rid of the weird unnecessary stuff.

MVRemix: Tell me about the lineup changes between the last album and this one, and how things are feeling now?

Dave: Well, Kara and Brian both left, but for different reasons. Kara got married, and basically just wanted to be home. With Brian, I am actually not too sure. He said he wanted to do different things other than music, but now he’s playing with Receiving End of Sirens. So, yeah, not too sure. It feels awesome now though. Having Ben back in the band is amazing. Being on tour with him is incredibly fun. And now with Andy being in the band, songwriting is much easier.

MVRemix: Why the self titled album now?

Dave: Basically because we feel like we really found our sound. So yeah, that’s pretty much it.

MVRemix: Anyone in particular you are looking forward to touring with this year?

Dave: I am looking forward to touring with Olympia. A few of them were in Fairweather, and they were one of my favorite bands.

MVRemix: Any bands you guys have come across you feel like people should be looking out for?

Dave: Dear and the Headlights are my favorite new band right now. Absolutely amazing. Really good mellow indie type stuff. I highly recommend them. Other than them, I am still stuck in the mid 90’s.

MVRemix: You guys have had major label rumours following you since before Trainwreck… do you see yourselves moving from ferret to a major or staying with ferret for a few more records?

Dave: I highly doubt it, but I would never rule it out. Myself, I am really apprehensive about that kind of stuff. So many bands get fucked; I don’t want to end up like them. Our contract is up with Ferret now, so we’ll see what the future brings. I still love Ferret so I would have no problem going back with them.

MVRemix: You tour practically non stop anything you miss from home?

Dave: Pretty much just my dog and friends. The dog is definitely the toughest one. So other than those, nothing really. Maybe good nights of sleep too.

MVRemix: So what is next now that the album is out?

Dave: Just touring non-stop. I would love to do another record faster this time around. Hopefully that’ll happen.

MVRemix: Which track do you recommend people check out to get a feel for the record or boys night out in general?

Dave: I’d say “swift and unforgiving”. Its got a good mix of every style we’ve done. Still technical, but catchy.

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