News Worthy? Notes For Friday the 13th…

Well boys and girls it’s Friday the 13th in cyberspace and if nothing else it’s a good excuse to go out and find some mischief. Cure the summer doldrums drooling in your favorite dive. Cocktail in hand and cryptic rock on repeat.
On a musical note…Anyone notice something strange during Bad Religions set @ Warped Tour 13 in Mountainview on July 1st ? As the band played, various artists, family memebers and friends roamed around on stage (my son included), this sordid group included San Fransisco’s own Fat Mike (NOFX/Fat Wreck Chords) who at one point replaced Brian Baker during the OOzin Aahs…prompting Greg(Graffin) to jesture and verbally…over the mic, mid song, ask for security. Evidently, security (like most everyone else) thought he was joking. It’s just that there was something about the look on his face. Point being over the last two weeks, I’ve spoken with several friends and they all found it strange as well. Knowing that Greg has taken jabs at people in the past (think live performances during the Brett feud) could there be something brewing between the two? Or am I just a shit stirring rumor monger?
As far as recently released music is concerned, I’ve been listening to the new offering from Strung Out-Blackhawks Over Los Angeles. I’m not sure how I feel yet. Power- Pop Punk with a potent political message. Like they’re destined for MTV (which I refuse to watch) but too smart. There is some truly poignant shit here. The title track for one is great. I’d love to watch the chaos described unfold on CNN. Anarchy would rule the day, Glenn Beck would beat the shit out of Nancy Grace. The Headline news crew locked in their station would resort to cannibalism and treachery on live T.V.! Finally Paris Hilton would be paraded through the streets like a sacraficial lamb. Now thats MUST SEE TV. Fantasy aside, check out tracks 5 and 6. If there were a truly active anti-war movement (Not Cindy) like in the 60’s/70’s, I can envision these guys in the middle of it, unlike the oh so Anti Anti-Flag. Drop the Anti guys the rest of your name puts hammer to nail in your case. The the haters hate.

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