The Coathangers prepares for a magical record release party and fall tour, gets featured in Burn To Shine DVD Series.

The Coathangers prepares for a magical record release party and fall tour, gets featured in Burn To Shine DVD Series.

The Coathangers’ music floats somewhere between the highlights of Bikini Kill, Pylon and Talking Heads, while the band members maintain a keen sarcasm and a certain oneness about their own musical abilities.” –Southeast Performer

The Coathangers has quickly become Atlanta’s most talked about new band. The Dirty South’s premier ladies grace the cover of this month’s Southeast Performer, are currently featured in Atlanta’s monthly music magazine Stomp and Stammer, and have become a favorite of weekly alternative Creative Loafing. The excitement surrounding the girls has spread nationally, as well.

The Coathangers recently returned home from a quick jaunt up the east coast with another group of rowdy Atlanta hometown heroes, The Black Lips which recently released a 7-inch by The Coathangers on its own Die Slaughterhaus label. Atlanta’s Rob’s House Records will release the debut self-titled album by The Coathangers this week. The record is also the first full-length release for the label following the release of singles by Deerhunter, Shock Cinema, Black Lips and others.

The Coathangers will celebrate the release of the album with an in-store at Atlanta’s beloved Criminal Records on September 4th. Reportedly the show will also feature real live mini-unicorns (or at least mini ponies with attached horns!) The band will then begin a string of US dates (see below for the full itinerary.)

In other Coathangers news, the band was recently featured on the Atlanta edition of the Burn To Shine series of documentaries helmed by Brendan Canty of Fugazi. As reported recently by Pitchfork Media (LINK), this unique DVD series collects footage of a city’s bands performing in a space slated for demolition. In this one, Mastodon, Deerhunter, The Black Lips, Shannon Wright, Snowden, The Selmanaires, and The Coathangers are among the Atlanta bands that tear through one song a piece — just before bulldozers tear through their makeshift performance venue.

More about The Coathangers:

Since July of 2006 Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals), Candice Jones (keyboard/vocals) and Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) have hammered out a bat cave crunk-punk dirge that explodes with energy and creativity. Don’t be fooled by playful early song titles, like “Nestle In My Boobies” and “Don’t Touch My Shit.” These women are real deal feminists, armed with a brash and irreverent sense of humor. They’re more likely to be caught cracking jokes with Andrew W.K. than sharing tea and vegan cookies with Kathleen Hannah’s crew. Simply put, The Coathangers get the party started. They say what they want to say, do what they want to do, and they write songs because they want to have fun.

Imagine if you will a marriage of The Beastie Boys circa Some Old Bullshit and The Slits when they were still a punk band and you’re in the right ballpark. The group’s manic pep rally chants in “Wreckless Boy” morph into the sneering caterwauls of “Tonya Harding” over simple and powerful rhythmic plods. “Bloody Shirt” transcends the power of three-chord tension with the sounds of ratchets and a sparkling piano slurring to the tune of heartbreak and revelation. And an accordion has never channeled so much punk melancholy as it does in “The Missing Letter.” Jones found the toy accordion in a Texas gas station for ten dollars, and the song is a very personal one about Kugel’s grandmother, sung half in Russian and half in English. She tells Stomp and Stammer, “When I wrote the lyrics, I didn’t want them to sound like a seven-year-old wrote them. I only got the education of a seven-year-old in Russia, so I didn’t want them to sound trite. But this Russian friend of a friend was like, ‘Oh, the lyrics are really good!’ So that made me feel proud.”

The Coathangers Live:

*w/ Demon’s Claws

09/04 Atlanta, GA Criminal Records (Record Release In-Store)

09/07 Atlanta, GA Star Bar (Record Release Party)

09/12 Athens, GA 40 Watt Club

09/13 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn

09/14 New Orleans, LA Circle Bar

09/20 Atlanta, GA Atlantis Music Conference

10/10 Clemson, SC WSBF

10/15 Atlanta, GA Lenny’s

10/19 Brooklyn, NY SoundFix (Fanatic CMJ Day Party)

10/24 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn

10/25 Athens, GA Caledonia Lounge

10/26 Chapell Hill, NC The Cave

10/27 Washington DC Fight Club

10/28 Philadelphia, PA The Kyber

10/29 Danbury, CT Cousin Larry’s

10/30 Boston, MA PAs Lounge*

10/31 New York, NY Mercury Lounge

11/01 New York, NY Death By Audio*

11/03 Cleveland, OH Now That’s Class*

11/04 Detroit, MI Lager House*

11/05 Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club*

11/06 Chicago, IL Ronny’s*

11/07 Lafayette, IN Zooleger’s*

11/08 Nashville, TN The Basement*

11/09 Memphis, TN Murphy’s*

11/10 New Orleans, LA Saturn Bar*

11/11 Mobile, AL Blind Mule*

11/12 Orlando, FL Peacock Room*

11/14 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn*

The Coathangers Tracklisting:

Stream The Album HERE

01. “Why This Record” Intro
02. Tonya Harding
03. Wreckless Boy
04. Haterade
05. “A Real Honey”
06. Shut The Fuck Up (MP3)
07. Parking Lot (MP3)
08. Buckhead Betty
09. Don’t Touch My Shit! (MP3)
10. “Roll Dem Dice”
11. Parchezzi
12. Where The Hell Were You?
13. “Fatty Pad”
14. Nestle In My Boobies
15. Bloody Shirt
16. The Missing Letter
17. “Larger Success” Outro

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