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Queer Femme and Feminist Nicky Click calls up with new album I’m On My Cell Phone, tours. Fans of Peaches, Miranda July, Le Tigre take note

Queer Femme and Feminist Nicky Click calls up with new album I’m On My Cell Phone, tours. Fans of Peaches, Miranda July, Le Tigre take note

Queer Femme and Feminist Nicky Click calls up with new album I’m On My Cell Phone, tours. Fans of Peaches, Miranda July, Le Tigre take note.

“Nicky Click Makes me want to pull up my knee socks, grab some friends, and dance the night away in my bedroom.“ – Plazm Magazine

“This just might be the most good-natured and straight-up spunky thing you’ll hear this summer.” – Pop Matters

“Silly, righteous, disarming and totally entertaining…” – Punk Planet

Nicky Click is a producer, beat maker, video artist, songwriter and performance artist. I’m On My Cell Phone is her sophomore album out on Olympia, WA label Crunks Not Dead Records. The album is a mix of original catchy electro-pop dance music that you can truly move your body to. The songs not only have memorable hooks, but tell a diary-like story of her life and experience as a queer femme and feminist. Having started out in the Olympia, WA queercore scene four years ago, Nicky Click now resides in New Hampshire where she grew up.

Nicky Click has been compared to Peaches, Miranda July, Le Tigre, and Sadie Benning. She has shared stages with Lady Sovereign, ScreamClub, ESG, Tender Forever, Yo Majesty, Deadlee, Team Dresch, Michelle Tea, The Blow, The Gossip, Anna Oxygen and many more. She was named 2006 “Emerging Artist of The Year” for her films and music by The Flaming Film Festival. She helps run the collective independent label Crunks Not Dead. She has played prestigious festivals such as Homo A Go Go, Lady fests nationwide, pride festivals nationwide, Estrojam, Mondo Homo in the dirty South, and Peace Out East. Her videos have played in theatres and festivals nationwide, such as The Berlin Queer Festival, Mania TV, and the GLBT Milan Film Festival.

I’m On My Cell Phone demonstrates Nicky Click’s ability to work in a variety of genres of music. She explores everything from hip hop to country folk music on this album. The album features Jenro, Katastrophe, Johnny Dangerous and Hornet Leg (of The Gossip.) Nicky Click brings a special guest on background vocals as well — Mr.Owl — Nicky Click’s father!

Stand out tracks include; “Crazy Shit“ for its thumping beats and breathy vocals, pop culture tribute song “I’m On My Cell Phone,“ “Fuck Machine,“ with a message of positive sexual empowerment for women, the relationship drama song “It’s Complicated, “ and the roots duo with Mr. Owl, “Dreams of A Dreamer.“

Nicky Click is made up of several characters and alter egos. She attributes her “cousin“ Petunia Pie with writing all her songs from her diary entries. The characters within Nicky Click are actually all the many sides and parts of her, the ones she wants to hide, the ones she is ashamed of, the sexy sides, the smart sides. In presenting these various faces to audiences and listeners (through song and performance), Nicky Click hopes that viewers will feel as though there is an opportunity to let go and break down walls of limitation. The intention is to create a space and dialogue where people (especially women and queers) can release societal standards of what the face and actions of a woman should be, and create their own.

Nicky Click had been described as a dance queen, a performance artist, quirky, weird, and so on. The point is: she is original and is creating a new movement of feminist DIY dance music out of her bedroom that will empower, make people think, question, laugh and feel good. This album will make you tap your toes at your desk and help you enter the special mind and creative world of Nicky Click.

What does the press say about Nicky Click?

“Nicky Click is my new favorite discovery! I will never forget the image of her in her stripey unitard, bouncing around on stage singing and reciting her feel-good, feminist retro-80s new wave pop. ‘I Wanna Excercise’ is my new favorite song!!” – Curve Magazine

“Nicky Click is an Olympia, Wash.-based electronic artist who spent the winter opening for U.K. grime sensation Lady Sovereign. With Sov’s name on the lips of music bloggers everywhere, Click’s success can’t be far behind.” – The Portland Tribune

“Think Gravy Train!!!! meets Peaches with added quirkiness and extra wit and you’ll get the picture of this super solo lady of ‘lektro hop!“ – The Daughters of The Kaos

“Nicky click is incredibly catchy“ – Boston’s Weekly Dig

“Click’s live performance, recordings and videos entertain with wit and confidence while riding a fine line of hard-edged self exposure. Combining video work reminiscent of Sadie Benning and the character performances of Miranda July, Click offers up a tight set of engaging music that entertains and invokes conversation and thought.“ – Lisa Ganser, The Flaming Film Festival

“Click pumps up the jam on elementary electro tracks about everything from lipstick-lesbian lust and queer visibility to attacking anti–gender bias catchphrases.” – Out Magazine

“Nicky Click is in the same steamy vein as Peaches and Princess Superstar and fuses sex-fuelled synths and beats with lyrics inspired by mixed emotions and queer politics” – The Montreal Mirror

Nicky Click Live:

10/06 New York, NY Bar 13
10/13 New Haven, CT Cafe Nine
10/15 Columbua, OH East Village
10/19 Boston, MA The Milky Way
10/24 Montreal, QUE Zoo Bizarre
10/26 Ottawa, ONT Babylon
10/27 Brattleboro, VT The Tinderbox
10/28 Philadelphia, PA Palindrome
10/29 New York, NY Cake Shop
11/01 Nashville, TN The Clamshack
11/03 Adelphi, MD Paint Branch Unitarian Church
11/04 Baltimore, MD The Depot
11/16 North Brunswick, NJ Pride Center
12/14 New York, NY Don Pedro’s
12/15 Philadelphia, PA The X Lounge
12/16 Providence, RI AS220

I’m On My Cell Phone Tracklisting:

Release Date: November 13th, 2007

01. I’m On My Cell Phone feat. Mr. Owl
02. Utter Despair and Chocolate Eclairs feat. Mr. Owl
03. Crazy Shit
04. Ice Cream Girl feat. Cathy Cathodic and Johnny Dangerous
05. Get On The Floor and Dance feat. Hornet Leg
06. Don’t Gotta Pay For Love feat. Mr. Owl (MP3)
07. Fuck Machine
08. It’s Complicated feat. Katastrophe
09. Anxiety
10. You’re The One feat. Jenro
11. Who’s Laughing Now feat. Danny Damage
12. Butterflies feat. Mr. Owl
13. Rhea
14. Petunia Pie
15. Dreams of A Dreamer feat. Jenro

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