Petroleum By-Products

Petroleum By-Products

written by Gena Perala

Last night was week 4 of CITR’S Shindig – a 13-week battle of the bands, which happens every Tuesday night (up to Dec 4th) from around 9pm-12am at the Railway Club.

27 Bands/musicians are selected, three play per night, and the winner walks away with recording time and an assortment of other prizes. So far, it’s simply been a good reason to get drunk on Tuesday nights, since most of the bands have been somewhat disappointing. The only one I’ve really liked has been “The National Shield” who kicked off shindig this year, but didn’t win so are not moving on in the competition (boooo).

However, all that changed when The Petroleum By-products hit the stage, donning trashy outfits… err I mean trash bags, yes plastic garbage bags with masking tape (political statement re: the city strike? I think not) and played an awesome 30 minute set. They have a female lead guitar and vocalist, and are 4 pieces (guitar, bass, keys and drums) of indie rock, punk, new wave fun-ness, who like to switch it up a bit as well – everybody hits the vocals, everybody adds to the sound.

The crowd was into them, I was into them, you might get into them too…and they just might be Shindig’s 2007 winner. Check them out. Petroleum By-Products.

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