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Biffy Clyro joins Queens of the Stone Age on Tour

Now these Celtic rock warriors are about to meet their match and embark on an October tour with Queens of the Stone Age, a pairing no credible and die hard rock fan can deny is genius and worth any tickets’ price.

Now these Celtic rock warriors are about to meet their match and embark on an October tour with Queens of the Stone Age, a pairing no credible and die hard rock fan can deny is genius and worth any tickets’ price.

“Now I’m Everyone” lays a (just as good, if not better) QOTSA worthy bittersweet melody over a backbeat sure to
inspire massive FIST-PUMPING” – ( Sup.)

“Debuting at No. 2 in the UK and marking the emergence of a proprietary sound. … sturdy songwriting and singer-
quitarist Simon Neil’s wounded tough-guy yearning keeps things appealingly unhistrionic. “The Conversation Is…”
chimes with endorphin rush guitars, “As Dust Dances” is a slow-burning neo-grunge ballad ideal for Zippo-waving,
and the whole manages to rock hard and spring surprises in equal measure.” – (Blender)

If you don’t want to take our word for it: Take theirs;

“Heads began bobbing and ripples of moshing emanating out from around the band…The band truly came into their
own on harmony-heavy songs like “Who’s Got a Match,” where all three members harmonize like a heavy metal
barbershop quartet – a quality that distinguishes them from other hard rock bands… They finished the set with
“Glitter and Trauma”…with its long disco beat and almost incongruously hard guitars, the track pitches the band
somewhere between alt. heroes Tool and 70’s rockers KISS” – Ewan Anderson, Filter Magazine
(show review- The Wittern, Los Angeles).

“Pursuing a bigger, more direct style… with such jumpy ravers as ‘A Whole Child Ago’ and ‘Now I’m Everyone,’
which pilot Gang of Four-style verses toward big, paunchy refrains. And ‘Love Has a Diameter’ demonstrates that,
much of the time, the band even does arena-rock well” – (The Washington Post)

“Biffy Clyro were arguably the most notable and somewhat notorious name on the ticket for many” says Pensatos.
“Both “Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies” and the spine tingling “Folding Stars” tore the stage up and
put the fire and balls into a room filled with your average Smiths/Morrissey fan waiting for The Editors. It may also
have well showed them up. Tonight they were nothing but rock geniuses on stage; parry and jousting along shake and
strike jangles larger then their parts.” – (

Indeed Biffy Clyro are an incredible live band, which is one of the reasons why they were hand selected by Josh Homme
to open up on the east coast leg of the QOTSA tour. They are a bands’ band — since the release of PUZZLE
their (thier 4th UK release debuted at #2 on the UK charts and this is their US Debut) , everyone from The Rolling Stones,
The Who, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bloc Party and The Editors have requested Biffy Clyro as their opening act.
There is a reason why these bands choose Biffy Clyro!

To get a more intimate look and to see just how genuine and powerful this Scottish trio is, check out this epk which
includes live footage/video clips and interviews with Simon Neil (vocals/lead guitar) and twins Ben (Drummer)
and James Johnson (bass/rhythm section):

Along with the radio campaign kicking in this week for the single “Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies ”
(Highlights at radio include adds at WBCN – Boston,WROX – Norfolk, KMRJ – Palm Springs, WPBZ – West Palm Beach)
MTV has jumped on board , the video has been selected as an MTV2 DISCOVER AND DOWNLOAD video.
The video straight into an ELITE 8 Rotation (The highest rotation on the channel). The band will also be featured on all
platforms of MTV2 and for 6 weeks after the start date. As a part of the “Discover and Download” program,
“Living is a Problem…” can be seen on MTVu starting at 35 spins per week.

Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

“As the opening symphony of “Living is a Problem..” gains momentum and starts to kick you in the head repeatedly
one thing becomes very clear. Whoever the fuck Biffy Clyro is they made one hell of an epic album. Arena rock is back,
straight outta Glasgow and serving up power chords like no tomorrow”. “Saturday Superhouse” wins as the eponymous
single, but Puzzle is not only for wall-to-wall headbanging” – (Sup Magazine)

“With irresistibly catchy vocals, and melodies set within spiky, squealing guitars, Scottish three-man post-punk group
Biffy Clyro creates an energized sound that’s poppy enough to appeal to Fall Out Boy fans while holding on to the
dirty sound that made the Pixies and Nirvana so appealing… Contagious sing-alongs are undercut by fuzz and feedback,
giving it the Pinkerton- era Weezer appeal – music made more believably emotive and ultimately enjoyable by the struggle
between its infectious nature and its raw, jagged sound” – (CMJ)

“One of the UK’s best kept secrets until now. “Puzzle” the trio’s 4th album is a testament to their inventive mastery of epic
chords, complex drumming and tugging melodies. Fans of Queens of The Stone Age and the post-emo dynamics of Sunny
Day Real Estate are sure to swoon over what critics are calling one of the best rock records this year.” – (Trace)

“Imagine the backroom of a dive bar in a bad neighborhood where the All American Rejects and Foo Fighters are
chain-smoking, throwing back shots and playing cards. Sound good? Check this Scottish trio out on Warped this year
and secure future bragging rights to your friends for later.” — (ALTERNATIVE PRESS’ 22 BEST

“Slicker than grunge, grungier than new wave, less cocky than metal and more metal than your pub-crawling cadre.”
– (Rokovoko: Tune Head)

“FUGAZI influenced emo ramblings meet the epic rock of Muse with a little Mew thrown in. TEXAS SIZE GUITAR
SPECTACLE caveman hair more than just a little angst and a dash of sophistication!” – (CMJ)

“Biffy Clyro combine the melodic charge of the Foo Fighters with the rhythmic shifts and emotional resonance of Sunny
Day Real Estate.” – (Revolver)

“Daring in structure” – (Music Snobbery)

“Enthusiastic music fans feel a sense of pride when an underground band they’ve been championing finds success.
For me, that band is Biffy Clyro…” – The Boston Herald

On tour with Queens of the Stone Age
Oct 12 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
Oct 13 – New York City, NY @ Theatre at Madison Square Garden
Oct 15 – Torono, ONT @ Hummingbird Centre For The Perf. Arts Toronto
Oct 16 – Montreal, Quebec @ Metropolis
Oct 17 – Clifton Park, NJ @ Northern Lights
Oct 20 – Columbus, OH @ The LC Pavilion
Oct 22 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Theatre
Oct 23 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore FKA State Theatre
Oct 24 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
Oct 25 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre

* Biffy Clyro at CMJ – New York City
Oct 18 – Fader Party – Sideshow, 146 Orchard (b/w Stanton & Rivington) 6:00pm
Oct 18 – Blender Party – Blender Theatre at Gramercy 127 East 23rd Street (B/w Lexington & Park Ave South) 9:00pm

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