The Pipettes live review

The Pipettes live review

The PipettesThe Pipettes live review by Gena Perala

I caught The Pipettes at the Plaza not too long ago. The show was ok, yup simply ok. I was expecting much more since a friend
of mine had heard they were great live. Their performances however left much to be desired.

The Pipettes are a British indie pop group consisting of 3 gals up front on vocals and backed by an all male band named ‘The Cassettes’. They were started by drummer and DJ, ‘Monster Bobby’, when he realized the reaction girl group songs got during his DJ sets. The most impressive thing about the band though, is their look. The girls are beautiful, they always wear polka dots and they have a sexy, innocence thing going on, sort of like half Betty, half Veronica.

They successfully execute the choreographed moves, the doe eyes and the doo-wops. The Pipettes are a throw back to the 60s girl group era and are often compared to the Shangri-Las. But the Shangri-Las could be considered ahead of their time combining an innocent charm with a darker side during a period when women were supposed to be all smiles and sunshine.

The Pipettes
Had The Pipettes existed in the 60s, their sexually aggressive, confidant and independent attitudes really would have been something. In today’s music though, it’s nothing new and unfortunately unlike The Supremes or The Ronettes, The Pipettes, got no soul. They are as white snow. If you like their album I suggest keeping it at that. Their voices weren’t even that great live however Rosay outshines both Gwenno and RiotBecki and might consider going solo. Her sexy alto voice was the highlight.

Ultimately, The Pipettes are fun but forgettable and I think they pretty much accomplish their goal, they make “simple, practical, music” – but who wants that?

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