Radar Bros front man, Jim Putnam, releases his new side project Mt. Wilson Repeater April 15th on Eastern Fiction


After ten-plus years fronting the Los Angeles’ based, critically praised outfit Radar Bros. Jim Putnam now brings his acclaimed talent for composition, melody and engineering to his new project Mt. Wilson Repeater. On this self-titled, debut album we find Jim playing multiple instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboards) and recording every track himself – utilizing many of the recording techniques learned from his father, renowned engineer Bill Putnam. Combining full creative control with an extensive musical background, Jim provides an accessible, yet adventuresome listening experience – a seamless welding of electronic and acoustic worlds.

1. Canmtady
2. Out Country Way
3. Island In The Sun
4. Pencils/Pens
5. Basketball Song
6. All Night Every Day
7. The Conversation
8. Everyone Say Hello
9. In The Teeth of A Whale
10. Maid Marion
11. Tether In The Haze

On Jim/Radar Bros:
“I feel like our own-Los Angeles’s own, your own, that is-Radar Bros. have been on the verge (of something big[ger]) for about a dozen years or so now. That’s got nothing to with them, as they go about their business, but sad that we sometimes chronically fixate on what comes Next and seek to confer Next Big Thing status on bands, instead of appreciating what is here in the now, what has been right here all along” – LOSANJEALOUS (2008)

“Putnam packs multiple layers of sound into shimmering mirages of song. As always, you’ll hear shades of misty Pink Floyd, psych-trippy Beatles and the wavering Neil Young. The songs have a ruminative warmth and casualness to them, yet crystalline production allows you to hear every element.” – SPLENDIDZINE (2005)

“So climb outta that hammock and put down that glass of Country Time. Get in your car. You needed to pick up some more fertilizer today anyway. Stop off at your local record shop, and pick up a copy of And the Surrounding Mountains. I promise, it’ll be worth your while.” – PITCHFORK (2002)

“Their latest CD, The Singing Hatchet, was one of my favorite discs the year it was released. When I heard it was done in a home studio, I was impressed yet not surprised, as it made perfect sense that the laid-back vibe of the CD could only come from a home studio or a humungous recording budget…” – TAPE-OP (2001)

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