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Announcing Sasha and John Digweed Spring Club Tour 2008

Announcing Sasha and John Digweed Spring Club Tour 2008

Announcing Sasha and John Digweed Spring Club Tour 2008.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11am EST

This Spring 2008, America will witness the legacy that is Sasha and John Digweed as they launch their Sasha and John Digweed Spring Club Tour 2008 at the Winter Music Conference on Thursday, March 27th at Mansion. This is the first time that Sasha and John Digweed are touring North America extensively in six years taking them thru 21 cities landing at Coachella on Saturday April 26th where the duo will be headlining the Dance tent which may look something like this: click here

THU 27-Mar-08 Miami Mansion

SAT 29-Mar-08 Miami Ultra Music Festival

WED 2-Apr-08 Boston The Estate

THU 3-Apr-08 Philadelphia The Fillmore @ TLA

FRI 4-Apr-08 New York Webster Hall

SAT 5-Apr-08 Washington, DC Ibiza Nightclub

MON 7-Apr-08 Nashville City Hall

WED 9-Apr-08 Columbus Karma

THU 10-Apr-08 Detroit Clutch Cargos

FRI 11-Apr-08 Toronto Kool Haus

SAT 12-Apr-08 Chicago House of Blues

MON 14-Apr-08 St. Louis Dantes

TUE 15-Apr-08 Minneapolis Epic

THU 17-Apr-08 Guadalajara Foro Alterno

FRI 18-Apr-08 Monterrey Autocinema

SAT 19-Apr-08 Mexico City Arena Mexico

TUE 22-Apr-08 Seattle Showbox Sodo

WED 23-Apr-08 Vancouver Plush Nightclub

THU 24-Apr-08 Portland Roseland Theater

FRI 25-Apr-08 San Francisco The Warfield

SAT 26-Apr-08 Coachella Coachella Festival

The last time Sasha and John Digweed toured the US was in 2002 on their infamous Delta Heavy Tour, known as the most important DJ tour to ever hit America. The tour forever raised the bar for large-scale electronic music events. Technically produced like a rock concert, complete with touring sound, lighting, staging and laser and video production Delta Heavy catapulted Sasha & John Digweed into arena headlining status and was attended by more than 85,000 people during its six weeks.

While most DJ tours are all about taking flights from city to city, Sasha and John will be hitting the pavement, bussing it through the country. However, unlike Delta Heavy, this tour is about going back to their grass roots. “You know that’s what it’s all about — giving the people a good time.” Sasha and John

“Its been six years since Delta Heavy. Both Sasha and myself have been talking for ages about touring the states together again, but really wanted to go back to our underground roots as recently the only shows we have done together have been massive festival events. So this time around we are playing a great selection of clubs with great sound systems rather than big arena shows, which will give our fans a chance to see us in a more intimate environment.” John Digweed

Sasha and John Digweed are truly bringing their sonic experience back to the people, and this tour offers something for every one of their fans. The tour will make stops at legendary rock venues such as the Warfield in San Francisco and Webster Hall in NYC. In addition, many of the shows are 18+ and some are even all ages. And because many of these events are taking place in traditional rock venues their shows may start at 9 and end at 2, as opposed to a traditional club night which starts at 2am and ends at 6am. A rare exception indeed for Sasha and John Digweed fans.

“While Delta Heavy was billed as an arena tour it was the theatres and clubs where John and I had the most fun and where we felt our sound worked best. So this time around we decided to focus on those venues. Over the last 6 years we have played together a lot in LA and NY, and whilst I love those cities, I’m really looking forward to returning to places like DC, Seattle and Minneapolis, where John and I haven’t shared the decks since 2002. Plus, spending time on the road with John on a bus touring the country is something I just couldn’t turn down.” – Sasha

For this tour, Sasha and John have partnered with Beatport and Wantickets for a very special promotion.

Advance tickets will be available directly through Wantickets:
John Digweed’s site:

Those who purchase a ticket in advance through Wantickets will get a free Sasha/John Digweed track. In addition, for everyone who attends a show, Beatport will be giving a Beatport Download card which will give the fans another free track. It’s just one way for Sasha and John Digweed to thank their fans for all their support.

Both Sasha and John Digweed will be releasing CDs to coincide with the tour.
More information on these releases to follow soon.

For All Media Inquiries please contact:

When indie rock and cheesy pop dominated the national charts and the underground was desperate for a sound of its own, along came two young British DJ’s, both making their mark in the burgeoning UK Rave scene and eager to take an underground phenomenon to another level. A meeting of minds and musical collaboration soon lead them to become one of the worlds most internationally recognized and acclaimed dj duos in electronic music, to this day. They became the first dj collective and tastemakers to bring dance to the foreground of mainstream music, when in 1994 the inception of their partnership formed as they released the seminal triple disc compilation Renaissance The Mix Collection which provided a yardstick for all future DJ mix albums. Sasha and John Digweed have never given in to the mainstream yet have always somehow defined it.

What followed in 1996 was the infamous Northern Exposure double disc set on Ultra Records. And in the same year, the British duo were invited to share a monthly residency at the world’s most renown club, New York City’s Twilo, becoming the first British DJs to hold a residency. With their awe-inspiring all-night sessions, Sasha and John conquered New York City. Soon, the rest of America became transfixed by the maestros’ blistering sets that captivated crowds in cities across the nation.

“What distinguishes Northern Exposure from other DJ’S mixed compilations available these days is how cerebral DJs Sasha and John Digweed’s mixology is. Instead of your typical Dance mix USA volume, these guys thrive on transition as much as they do groove. They gracefully combine their notably fierce progressive house and fluttering-yet filthy dance music signature style with a lush selection of melodies and banging anthems from groundbreaking dance artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
– Smith Galtney, Time Out

Before their existence, the concept of a compilation was merely a mixture of tracks packaged together and sold to the masses at face value. Never before in mainstream music had anyone taken the initiative to fuse together underground anthems and deliver them in the form of a dj set. Flavored, motivated and driven by another’s interpretation with their own original productions in the mix, the superstar dj was born and the line between dj and artist was quickly blurred.

“Sasha and Digweed have really stepped right up to the plate and hit an all American home run.”
-Smith Galtney, Time Out

Indeed, they did. It is their ability to reach people by hooking their audience into the personality behind the decks.

“Presiding over the packed dance floor like new millennial rockstars, the two pioneering DJs took turns spinning piping hot wax, whipping the throbbing crowd in and out of frenzy.”
– Boston Herald

Sasha’s trademark power-packed, emotional sets embody the essence of his high-octane moments. He propels listeners into the future of electronic music by constructing innovative and forward-thinking concepts. While John’s sets are enveloped in imagination and invention without heroic pretensions his sets are filled with moodiness and musical mystery but held down with a punchy distinctiveness and earthly rhythm. Always emanating a sense of boundlessness he overlaps dream events that spill into reality with an enormous certainty. However, working together they bring their individual purposeful eclecticism to the forefront both through their selection of songs and their supreme mixing skills.

“In the same way bands like the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and the The Crystal Method broke new ground last year with recordings, that overflowed out of the clubs and into the homes of the mainstream America, DJ duo Sasha and John Digweed are setting the agenda for the next chapter in the rewriting of the textbook of modern dance music. For those timid about this brave, new electronica-drenched world, this is a good primer.”
– Eric Nonacs, Jane Magazine

“With DJ tag team extraordinaire Sasha and John Digweed”. Only slated to perform through 3:30 A.M. at Bonnaroo, Sasha and John Digweed’s set continued well into the morning, providing a sound track while I moseyed on back to the Spin compound as the sun rose, smiling and shaking my head in a blissful confusion, wondering what had happen to the past five hours.”
– William Goodman, 2007


“Their legendary twelve-hour Twilo sets — sets that continue on to this day because of an almost unspoken musical chemistry and compatibility.”
-Rolling Stone

“A longing for rapture and transcendence is never far from the surface of dance music, particularly in the utopian pulsations set out by the English disk-jockey team of Sasha and John Digweed.”
– Jon Pareles,The New York Times

-Mix Mag UK

“When Sasha & Digweed take turns bouncing keyboard-rich hooks and delivering show-stopping rises, fans beyond dance will understand the fuss.”
-Los Angeles Times

“The tent’s main draw was the incomparable Sasha & Digweed. The dynamic duo of Djs obliterated the tent with a roof-raising blend of percussive beats, and synthesizer-heavy rises.”
– Rolling Stone

“…experienced an unsurpassable vibe brought on by not only the high quality of the music, but by the the exhilaration of the crowd that welcomed the duo back with open arms.”
– Mixer

“For our money, there’s no more groovalicious way to spend an evening than cuddled up to a speaker column, ears popping with the tag-team basso profundo and spiraling breaks of S&D’s superstar DJ routine.”
– Austin Chronicle

“For many people, Sasha & Digweed define the clubbing experience. As evidenced by their live performances, both are masters of taking classic house records and weaving them into a nearly perfect web of more progressive grooves.”
– Westword

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