NYC band zerobridge continues to release a new track every month from July until with end of the year with October’s (saved until the last day) previously unreleased and not available until now selection entitled “How Long” – available as a FREE download as a direct link below (please post). Here’s a note on the song from lead singer/songwriter Din with more information…

Lead singer/songwriter Din comments on the new zerobridge single: “How Long” originated from an earlier song of ours called “Sunday Morning,” which was a bluesier number influenced by The Rolling Stones’ “Midnight Rambler.” It was a show stopper at one point but we eventually got bored of it. There were still parts of the music I really liked and so I decided to revamp the song. It came together pretty quickly, lyrics and all. I think some of the best rock n’ roll songs are about waiting. It could be romantic like waiting for someone or just longing for a better situation. Lord knows a lot of us are doing that in these turbulent times.”

There We Were, Now Here We Are” download direct link



It may seem like a gimmick, but zerobridge are self-releasing a single every month for the remainder of 2008 because there is no other alternative. Din explains, “We’ve been STRICTLY independent for as long as we’ve been together and maybe even more than we would like to be. We’ve accumulated a catalog of songs that no one’s heard outside our regional fan base and have not recorded until now. It seems that in this digital age for music, the single is the format of choice by the fans – and what better way for a band like us to establish ourselves and get our music heard than to use the internet as our distribution company. It’s still a challenge. Creating music still takes time and money, but it’s on our terms and while I still think they are necessary, we don’t have to deal with labels – just directly with music fans.”

It’s not often you hear about a band like zerobridge. Lead singer/guitarist and songwriter Mubashir “Din” Mohi-ud-Din and drummer Mohsin “Mo” Mohi-ud-Din are two brothers whose parents are from the disputed territory of Kashmir, nestled between northern India and Pakistan. Greg “The Quota”, seasoned NYC bass player, and guitarist Jay Barclay (Ben Kweller, Damnwells), round out the quartet who have been playing their own unique brand of melodic, guitar driven rock n’ roll for the last three years. With two independent releases behind them, zerobridge released the Havre de Grace EP that illustrates the band’s penchant for classic song writing and a passion to become the only band that matters.

The name zerobridge comes from an actual bridge in Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar, which earned the lesser known epithet of the “the city of seven bridges.” The story goes that when they built an 8th bridge, no one knew what to call the original first bridge. The solution is a case of pragmatics taken to the extreme: they decided to name it zerobridge. The bridge itself is a sentimental place for anyone familiar with Kashmir. Just across the bridge, after passing through military checkpoints and barbed wire fences, is a cafe called the Zero Inn; a place where the bothers, family and friends go when reunited in Kashmir to hang out and have “cold coffees” (which are like frapuchinos, but far better according to the brothers).

Other songs on the EP include the title track, “Havre de Grace,” the name of a town in northern Maryland, close to where the brothers grew up, meaning “Harbor of Grace.” The incendiary political satire of “The Shake” sheds light on the hypocrisies of religious extremism. A reworking of “Suffering Moses,” originally off the bands first LP, is an unabashedly beautiful ode to Kashmir which is followed by the razor edged bravado of “This is My Version,” a live favorite that sounds like a mashup of the Smiths and the ragged snarl of Iggy Pop. Mo passionately adds, “No gimmicks. We put our hearts, souls and sweat into whatever we do. It’s about love, war, and curiosity I suppose. It’s just painfully true, good rock n’ roll.”



Cazals Are Coming To NYC + Sign With label The:Hours The Hours showcase

Cazals Are Coming To NYC + Sign With label The:Hours

The Hours showcase w/ Cazals and Fires Of Rome

Thursday, November 6th @ Hiro Ballroom, 8-10pm (Open bar 8-9pm)
“What Of Our Future” North American release on February 3rd 2009 (The:Hours/Fontana)
For guestlist & all media inquiries, please contact

After receiving massive praise in the blogosphere across the virtual universe, fresh from a slew of Daft Punk support slots as well as gaining immense success and attention across Europe and Japan, we give you Cazals, one of the most talked about British bands, finally making their way to the US this winter. These London boys will be releasing their debut album “What Of Our Future” early next year on new label The Hours, and on November 6th you’ll be able to get your first taste of their pure anthemic electro tainted indie rock at Hiro Ballroom in NYC.

“…one of the most forward thinking British guitar bands in Britain today”
– Hamish McBain (NME)

These charming British lads: Phil (vocals), Luca (guitar), Martin (Bass/Producer), Warren (Drums) and Daniel (Guitar/Manager) have been among the driving forces behind the London music scene, as hosts of their own “Cazalised” party, guest bands would include Bloc Party, as well good friend and tour mate Pete Doherty. Having toured with Babyshambles and flying the British Indie rock flag across Europe, it’s now for time for Cazals to unleash their hooked filled rock club hits upon the US.

‘One of the most exciting British bands around’ – Big Issue

Cazals were the first non-electronic group to sign with label du jour Kitsune, ran by Daft Punk former manager Gildas Loaec. He signed the band after hearing their ode to teenage rebellion “Poor Innocent Boys”, then added the single on the infamous Kitsune Maison collection, which received critical acclaim, one thing led to another and next thing the boys were living in Paris, recording their highly anticipated debut. The result is the self produced pop masterpiece “What of Our Future”.

‘An amazing album of future-guitar-dance-pop’ – NME

‘Arguably one of the most exciting bands in Britain at the moment…an almost perfect album’ – Gigwise

“What of Our Future” opens with the anthemic ‘New Boy In Town’ – the perfect antidote to endless, faceless guitar bands. Before unfolding with ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ and then the strutting guitar driven track of their new single smash ‘Somebody, Somewhere’, a potentially massive hit with a huge pogo-inducing chorus that stamps it’s authority all over the place. The centrepiece of the album sees the band at their most experimental with ‘Comfortable Silence’ a beautifully weird, wall of sound track that would have the likes of Phil Spector drooling. Along with the brilliant ‘Life Is Boring’, the French pop perfection of ‘We’re Just The Same’ and the razor sharp ‘Both Sides’ this is an album that is set to silence the critics and skyrocket the band into 2009.

‘Visionary music mastery’ – Clash Magazine

music videos tour dates




11/21 – LA @ The Redwood Bar
11/28 – Prescott, AZ @ Raven Cafe
11/30 – Oklahoma City @ The Conservatory
12/2 – Austin @ Beerland
12/3 – New Orleans @ Circle Bar
12/4 – Nashville @ The Exit In
12/5 – Atlanta @ The Star Bar
12/6 – Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
12/8 – Cincinnati @ TBA
12/9 – Washington, DC @ TBA
12/10 – NYC @ Cake Shop
12/11 – Brooklyn @ Don Pedro
12/13 – Detroit @ Corktown Tavern
12/14 – Chicago @ TBA
12/15 – Minneapolis @ The Turf Club
12/16 – Kansas City @ The Record Bar
12/17 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
12/21 – Seattle @ TBA
12/22 – Portland @ TBA

See Golden Animals ON TOUR and agree with what others have had to say…

“When they rock out in the faux-blues readymade “The Steady Roller,” you can practically inhale the pungent aroma of their pirate shirts. They’re a marriage made in psychedelic desert-blues heaven.” Blender

“unpolished sound from ghostly echoes of 60’s West Coast Psychedelia 50’s rock and roll and swampy old blues. They have a nice, semi-chaotic way about them” Mojo

“Their ragged eclecticism is a winning one, taking detours into slide country, beat up folk and starry desert ballads” Uncut

“Eisner’s voice is deep, dark, and moving, like Johnny Cash’s gruffness meeting Devendra Banhart’s serenade, while Beecroft’s croon is soft, light, and sweet. Though different as night and day, the twocombined in harmony strike a balance that is beautiful and haunting.” Venuszine

“Golden Animals truly does sound dust-blown, leather-tethered, and sun-washed ala 1960s love children. Tommy has the lax slur of a cowboy and a startling vocal similarity to JIm Morrison. Morrison lives? Relish it like a 1960s frolicking naked hippie for a day and it’ll wash the pain away.” RCRD LBL

GOLDEN ANIMALS’s are Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft, and their brand ?of West Coast indie Rock is built on austere beats, slide guitars and ?fuzzed-up California harmonies, Produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, T.V. On The Radio, Blonde Redhead)? mixed by Thom Monahan (Brightblack Morning Light, Devendra Banhart, The Entrance Band).It’s the sound they ?were born to make – if you believe the fortune-teller whose mysterious ?predictions were the catalyst for the formation of the band back in ?the day when their worlds collided in a cozy European Cafe, one very ?rainy evening. The band’s chief inspiration is the blues,be it the ?foundation blues artists of the ’20s and 30’s – “Those early blues recordings are the fountain,” ?they say. “Even in 200 years, people will find completely new ways to ?create all within those rules and algorithms.” The band is currently posted up in Laurel Canyon- the?nexus of the West Coast Rock sound and counterculture – Golden Animals are carrying on the grand tradition of Love,?The Byrds, Buckingham Nicks, and The Mama’s and The Papas. Make no mistake- “Free Your Mind And Win A Pony” is? a timeless rock and roll debut. True soul, be here now.
“Make no mistake: this is psychedelic pop-rock for the flower generation, still going strong in 2008. It is pure old style California: all guitar driven attitude and bluesy stomp. Free Your Mind and Win a Pony has got all the hip-slung fun and holler of alt scene favourites, The White Stripes, but presents itself without dark edges.”

“If there’s a more instantly infectious opener than “The Steady Roller” this year I haven’t heard it – guitars snarling on a “Moonlight Drive” while tambourine shakes, snare snaps and the music moves like blood after a good tongue kiss. Eisner’s low, manly pipes and Robby Krieger-esque guitar snaking and Beecroft’s tumbling, infectious time keeping and girlishly bright voice make such a nifty environment to spend time in, regardless of whether or not you pay attention to the contents of their simmering, psychedelic, Bible touched tunes. A strongly non-traditional interpretation of the blues and an appreciation for the kind of fist in the air guitar antics that fuel AC/DC and Thin Lizzy further push this one into the winner’s circle.” Jambase

“Psychedelic blues-rock, long on reverb and chugga-lugga drum/guitar rhythms okayed by the light of a baritone moon” Independent on Sunday “Delicately crafted songs such as such as Follow Me Down are interspersed with chugging psychedelic blues and infectious, mescalin-around-the-campfire feel.” The Guardian

“Transcends the limitations of their rudimentary set up. Album highlight “Queen Mary (The Flop) features multiple tempo changes and builds to an electrifying frenzy which must go down a storm in a live setting. “Ride Easy” begins as a tender country plodder, but undertakes several detours with satisfying results”

“An intense blend of scratchy blues riffs, woozy psych, and Walloped drums” NME

“They know how to riff with atomic force” Dazed and Confused

“They do thrive on the blues and this album is also absolutely and purely informed by the 60’s; the psychedelic end that enjoyably rattles with progressive rock ‘n roll moments. Golden Animals have
gone for refinement where other acts may have just opted for a pleasurable clatter”

“Who thought that dusty, fusty rock and roll would be one of the sounds of the brave new 2008?”

“Unreconstructed late ’60s/early ’70s bluesy folk, stripped of all pretensions towards folktronica, nu folk or the freakish edge Devendra Banhart likes to sharpen, they might as well have fallen through a
timewarp from thirty odd years ago.”

“The twinning of Tommy Eisner’s (USA) guitars and Linda Beecroft’s (Sweden) drums roll out tunes that get stuck in your throat with the catchiness of a fish bone.”

“Golden Animals are one of the most exciting acts to emerge this year.” Planet Notion

“Golden Animals: have unleashed eleven tracks filled with solid blues guitar work that resembles The Doors and Cream, as well as 60s-era pop melodies reminiscent of The Zombies and The Beatles. Heavy guitar-driven tracks like “The Steady Roller” and “Queen Mary (The Flop)” sound straight out of the golden age of rock and roll rather than their origin in today’s era of increasingly mixed, sampled and electronic music.” Anthem

“Their music evokes a blend of sun-drenched psychedelic, acid-tinged blues-rock that calls to mind an era of music when folk, country, blues, and rocknroll could blend together. ” Venuszine

“A timeless collection of tracks rooted in those who have influenced Golden Animals the most – from the Doors and the Grateful Dead to Fred McDowell – “Balancing their psychedelic folk, popularized by fellow artists like Devendra Banhart through his similar atmospheric and naturalistic sound with a modern blues edge.” Aquarian

“If you like your rock dusty and your song-length escapes surreal, give Golden Animals a chance or two” I Guess I’m Floating

“As an experimental mash of yesteryear’s sonic signatures and today’s technological upgrades, Golden Animals’ smoky effort is a timeless pleasure” Metromix

Watch the video for ‘The Steady Roller’

Golden Animals

“Free Your Mind And Win A Pony”

Album released on HappyParts Recordings

1.The Steady Roller
2.Queen Mary (The Flop)
3.Ride Easy
4.Try On Me
5.My My My
6.Follow Me Down
7.Turn You Round (Don’t Let Nobody)
8.My Friend Bill
9.I Want You To Come
11.Darkness & Light

Free Your Mind And Win A Pony


HappyParts Recordings

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October 30th, 2008 – Look for UH HUH HER’s new video “Explode” which just premiered worldwide on mtvU and The fully animated music clip was created by Jodi Sandler, a Canadian fan who traveled to Paris for inspiration. Collaborating with the duo, she captured the essence of “Explode”–the second single from the group’s Nettwerk debut album COMMON REACTION–with this dreamy and provocative clip about an emotional encounter of two strangers on the windy streets of Paris.

The video will also debut on LOGO this Sunday, November 2 and Monday, November 3.

To watch the newly posted video on mtvU

In other news, while in NYC yesterday for their show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, the duo taped an episode of LOGO’s “New Now Next” show, which is set to air at midnight on Sunday, November 16. The Los Angeles-based electro-rock duo–singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist CAMILA GREY (Lead Vocals/Keys/Synth/Guitars/Programmed Drums) and musician/actress LEISHA HAILEY (Vocals/Synth)-continue to garner critical acclaim for their debut album as well as their striking live shows.

The duo is currently on tour across the U.S. now. See full itinerary below.

**Check out what critics are saying about UH HUH HER’s COMMON REACTION, produced by Al Clay (Pixies, Blur).

“…a lush, layered collection of dizzying, synth-driven pop.” –Amanda Petrusich, NEW YORK TIMES (10/24/08)

” an electro-pop feast characterized by layers of overlapping vocals.” –David Greenwald, LOS ANGELES TIMES (5/29/08)

“…[Uh Huh Her] traffic in throbbing synth pop that’s destined to make mascara run.” –Kelefa Sanneh, NEW YORKER, (10/24/08)

” catchy, synth-heavy dance music.” –Charlotte Benbeniste, CMJ (7/21/08)

“… captivating and atmospheric electro-pop music…” –Lina Lecaro, LA WEEKLY (7/9/08)

“…a lush soundscape of lilting piano arrangements, percolating electronic threads, and sparkling vocals a la Metric and the now-defunct Organ.” –Samantha Promisloff, SPIN.COM (7/27/08)

“Uh Huh Her’s debut explores electro-pop boundaries, putting together danceable, sometimes sing-along-worthy tracks. Hailey–recognizable as Alice Pieszecki from The L Word –and Grey sing together on the tracks, their mesmerizing vocals rising over the backdrop of guitars, synth and drums.” –Catherine Patterson, VENUS, Fall 2008

Catch UH HUH HER on tour now in select cities:

UH HUH HER headlining U.S. tour:


Thu 10/30 Montreal, QC Le National
Sat 11/1 Toronto, ON Concert Theatre
Sun 11/2 Ferndale, MI Magic Bag
Mon 11/3 Chicago, IL Park West
Wed 11/5 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Cafe
Sat 11/8 Seattle, WA Â Neumo’s
Sun 11/9 Vancouver, BC Richard’s On Richards
Mon 11/10 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
Tue 11/11 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Thu 11/13 Santa Barbara, CA Velvet Jones
Fri 11/14 Los Angeles, CA

Tue 11/18 London, UK Koko

tour dates

18th Dye Amorine Queen – new album and tour

New album: 18th Dye – Amorine Queen
(Crunchy Frog Records)

Released November 11th
US Tour Starts November 25th

With their groundbreaking, catchy and explosive rock 18TH DYE earned great recognition in the international music press during the ‘90s, with albums Done (1992), Crayon (1993), Tribute to a Bus (1995) and Left (B-Sides and Rarities) (1999). They toured all over the US and Europe and left a mark which inspired a vast number of bands. With their new album, ‘Amorine Queen’, they continue their intensive work, which doesn’t just thrill the fans from ten years ago, but also carries away a new audience – a fact that’s hard to miss at their recent shows.

From 1992 to 1998, the band was signed to Matador Records, and toured with Stereolab and Yo la Tengo, amongst others, also recording with legendary producer Steve Albini. They completed three BBC Peel sessions (the only Danish band to do that) and scored several Top 10 hits on the English indie charts while receiving attention on the CMJ chart in the US. After having released the album ‘Tribute to a Bus’ and after extensive touring in Europe and the US, 18TH DYE stopped playing and it was not until 2005, at VibraCrunch07 Festival, that they began playing live again. In the last couple of years the band has made their sound heard at selected shows and small tours in Denmark and Germany, including appearances in 2007 at the legendary Rockpalast TV-show, the Berlin-based Summerize Festival, the Danish SPOT Festival, and, this year, performed at the largest Scandinavian music festival, Roskilde, in front of packed crowds.

A lot has happened in the lives of the three18TH DYE members in the time away from the band. Part Danish, part German Heike Rädeker spent time playing in several bands including Wuhling that was signed to Touch and Go/City Slang. She now lives in Berlin were she owns and runs the design furniture store STUE, made famous by the Louis Vuitton and Wallpaper guide books. Danish Piet Breinholm has been busy in the meantime too; together with the third 18TH DYE member, Sebastian, he formed the electronic duo Test and toured with several Danish bands including Rhonda Harris, Speaker Bite Me and Varano. Piet is also a designer and runs the bag company ”Piet Breinholm – The Last Bag”, that sells its products in Berlin, Paris, London and New York. German Sebastian Büttrich has toured with Lise Westzynthius and Speaker Bite Me. Now all three are together once again: 18TH DYE!


25-Nov Baltimore, MD Talking Head
26-Nov Philadelphia, PA M Room
28-Nov New Haven, CT tba
29-Nov New York, NY Santos
30-Nov Boston, MA TT’s
1-Dec Montreal, PQ Lambi
2-Dec Toronto, ONT Horseshoe
3-Dec Detroit, MI Cro Foot
4-Dec Cleveland, Oh Grog Shop
5-Dec Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
6-Dec Minneapolis, MN Entry
9-Dec Seattle, WA Chop Suey
10-Dec Portland, OR Holocene
12-Dec San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill
13-Dec Los Angeles, CA Spaceland

tour dates

MATT AND KIM PARTNER WITH FADER LABEL TO RELEASE “GRAND” Brooklyn-Based Outfit Partners With FADER Label For Sophomore Effort, Grand To Be Released January 20, 2009

MATT AND KIM PARTNER WITH FADER LABEL TO RELEASE “GRAND” Brooklyn-Based Outfit Partners With FADER Label For Sophomore Effort, “Grand” To Be Released January 20, 2009

New York, NY: FADER Label, the recording branch of The FADER, is pleased to announce their partnership with Brooklyn-based music collective Matt and Kim. The all-encompassing collaboration between FADER Label and Matt and Kim is more than a record deal. It’s a new and unique model that gives the band access to the unlimited resources of The FADER and its’ sister company Cornerstone, a premiere music and lifestyle agency. This announcement comes on the heels of Matt and Kim’s new full-length, Grand, which will be available on vinyl, CD and online formats on January 20th 2009 through SONY/RED distribution.

Under the watch of The FADER’s careful eye, Matt and Kim have already begun experiencing the benefits of the relationship by recently releasing free online singles, Good Old Fashion Nightmare and Daylight, both of which will appear on the upcoming sophomore effort. The structure of this deal will give Matt and Kim unique resources that will allow the band to connect with current and future fans.
An important component of the relationship will include Zync, who have successfully represented Matt and Kim to film and TV previously.

Recorded over a nine-month period in Matt’s childhood bedroom in Vermont, Grand stands to be the band’s most compelling work to date. Matt self-produced the record in it’s entirety while paying attention to every detail with meticulous precision, achieving production that Matt and Kim have never had, yet still being very Matt and Kim.

The lightning in the bottle? Matt and Kim will be bringing their elated live show worldwide as they plan to tour nonstop throughout 2009. See below for a current list of tour dates.

“The partnership with FADER Label has been amazing this far and we are looking into the future,” remarked, Kim Schifino. Matt Johnson added, “We have
already been able to give fans free music, play free shows and reach new people. It’s really important for us to be able to give back to those who have supported us from the beginning.”

– more –
“We are excited to have Matt and Kim join The FADER family,” said Jon Cohen, Co-CEO of Cornerstone and The FADER. “Their songwriting and live performance matched with their amazing creativity set them up for a successful
career. With this new model we’re able to put Matt and Kim in front of new audiences and create opportunities that aren’t available to most artists. Now they are going to have the freedom to connect in many ways with their fans.”

01. Daylight
02. Cutdown
03. Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare
04. Spare Change
05. I Wanna
06. Lessons Learned
07. Don’t Slow Down
08. Turn This Boat Around
09. Cinders
10. I’ll Take Us Home
11. Daylight Outro (remix)

10/31 – Brooklyn, NY @ Danbro Studio Warehouse
11/3 – Boston, MA @ Middle East
11/5 – Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
11/6 – Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
11/7 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
11/8 – Toronto, ON @ Whippersnapper Space
11/10 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/11 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/12 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/13 – Dekalb, IL @ The House Café
11/14 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
11/15 – Madison, WI @ Union South -Club 770
11/17 – Bloomington, IN @ Uncle Festers
11/18 – Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter Club
11/20 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
11/21 – Pittsburgh, PA @ University of Pitt., William Pitt Union Assembly

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Barsuk Records is excited to announce that all five of Nada Surf’s studio records will be issued on vinyl for the first time ever. The set will be released on November 25, 2008 and will be collected in a limited-edition box. Limited to 1,000 numbered copies, the career-spanning box contains all five studio albums on vinyl, an exclusive repressing of the first 7″ single, and full-color 24-page lyric and photo book. It will also include download codes for MP3 versions of The Proximity Effect, Let Go, The Weight Is a Gift, Lucky, and a collection of rare and out-of-print bonus tracks and b-sides.

The label and band are also excited to announce the winners of the Nada Surf / You Tube “Weightless” video contest. Congratulations to the winning directors, Richard Card and Austin Trotter, who will receive $3,000 from Barsuk Records for their video that focuses on transitions and dream-like experiences, both ordinary and surreal. Second-place winner Sean P. Rogan and his breathtaking skydiving (yes skydiving) entry, and third place winner Sam Kuhn and his beautifully shot black & white paper airplane video will receive a copy of the Nada Surf vinyl box set, an assortment of Nada Surf t-shirts and CDs and some gear from the good folks at You can watch the winning entries at:

This fall, Nada Surf will bring their signature vocal harmonies and stunningly catchy melodies to venues across the US in support of Lucky, their fifth album.
The media response to this record has been fantastic. The Los Angeles Times said the band is “the decade’s foremost purveyor of power pop,” while the NME called Lucky the band’s “finest album to date.” Guitar World hailed the new album as the band’s “most accomplished yet.” USA Today exclaimed, “as pure pop bands go these days, there are few on a par with Nada Surf over the last few albums.”

Nada Surf’s upcoming tour dates are below:


9 New York, NY The Living Room (Kidrockers event – Matthew +Ira acoustic)
19 Mexico City, Mexico The Vive Cuervo Salon
21 Denton, TX Hailey’s #%
22 Austin, TX Emo’s #%
24 Oklahoma City, OK Bricktown Ballroom #%
25 Little Rock, AR Juanita’s #%
28 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Café #%
29 Chicago, IL Metro #%


2 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club #%
4 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero#%
5 Washington, DC 9:30 Club #%
6 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom #&
7 New York, NY Webster Hall#*
8 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s %$

# w/ Delta Spirit
% w/ The Jealous Girlfriends
& w/ Gramercy Arms
* w/ Bear Hands
$ w/ Mary Kate O’Neil

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Lauren Hildebrandt – Boy Shorts

Lauren Hildebrandt – Boy Shorts



Lauren Elise Hildebrandt is a triple-threat singer/dancer/actress, based in Los Angeles. Affectionately known as “Hildy”, she is an independent recording artist who’s just released her first pop single, Boyshorts on Red Wallet Records from the upcoming album entitled, Not Really a Waitress, to be released in 2009.
Hildy burst on the dance music scene in 2005 with her single, Burnin Out that she co-wrote with producers Liquid 360. It spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Hot Club charts, peaking at #5, an impressive debut for a new artist. Her music video to Burnin Out was directed by Patricio Ginsela, who directed two of the Black Eyed Peas videos. It is still in rotation in clubs, stores and restaurants and video channels across the world. Burnin Out also was #3 on Canada’s bpm dance station (like MTV), #35 on the worldwide dance charts, #50 on the Hot Brazil charts and #10 on the Bollywood charts in 2005-2006. From August 2006 through May 2007, Hildy toured in the European production of the long-running, hit musical, Grease. She was featured on German TV in the popular show, Soundgarden, and was one of four cast members chosen to appear in Vienna’s Night of 100 Stars. Now back in the States, she is finishing co-writing and recording her debut album. One song on the album will feature a duet with Chip Days, an American Idol Season 2 Semi-Finalist.

Other Notables…

• In March, 2006, Hildy was nominated as “Best New Dance Artist” at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami. She was in a category with superstar recording artists, Rihanna and Cascada. She was also a presenter at the Awards Show along with Kelly Rowland and Depeche Mode.
• Her second dance single, Dance With You, was released in August 2006 through Act2 Records. It spent 8 weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at #20. Both singles have been released internationally on DJ compilations.
• Lauren’s third dance single, My Life Again, written by acclaimed songwriters Jack D Elliott and Janice Robinson, reached #19 on the Billboard charts in March 2008 and is currently still on mix show rotation around the world.
• She has performed as a solo artist from Hawaii to New York, and has sung the National Anthem at a Phoenix Suns game and performed with the Suns dancers.
• Discovered on NBC’s talent show, FAME, with Debbie Allen and Joey Fatone, Hildebrandt impressed the judges and landed among the top 12 finalists out of over 5,000 people who sang and danced their way at auditions across the country. (Runner up Shannon Bex is a member of the platinum-selling girl group, Danity Kane and other finalists are currently on Broadway.)

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The end of the double album – two disc release?

Is the music industry calling time on the double album?

A detail from the cover of Pink Floyd’s double album The Wall

The 90s had Smashing Pumpkins’ Melon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, Springsteen’s The River, the Boo Radleys’ Giant Steps, Spiritualized’s Laser Guided Melodies, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Wu-Tang Forever and Sonic Youth’s Dirty. The 80s had Sign O’ the Times, Blood and Zen Arcade. And in the 70s it seemed all major bands were contractually obliged to knock out a lumbering great double album every three years or so as Pink Floyd, ELO, Chicago, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Genesis and Yes knocked out multiple discs. Back then, if you couldn’t string together 30-odd tracks telling the psychedelic story of, say, a lamb feeling slightly knackered on Broadway, you were nobody.

Most decent bands, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, have marked their creative high point with a monolithic double-disc masterpiece and many a generation has been defined by them. In my youth in the late 70s most HMVs were a battleground as Out of the Blue waged bloody war with London’s Calling for control over popular culture. But as the major labels tighten their belts, dropping new bands and scything away at their payrolls with furious abandon, is the double album the latest industry dinosaur to face the chop?

I mean, you’d expect the Cure – a band with past double opus form, thanks to 1987’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me – to be able to release a double album, right? Er, sadly not. Their new album 4:13 Dream is the “light” first half of a double collection, with the second “dark” half to be released separately in 2009.

Robert Smith recently told me the rather shocking factors behind the release strategy. Basically, Geffen were only prepared to pay them royalties equivalent to a single album, even if the album was priced as a double. In effect the label were penalising the band for wanting to give their fans more music for less. Smith insisted he didn’t care about making any more money but the principle was paramount; he was furious at the idea of a major label conning him out of making the record he wanted. So he held back the second half of the album for six months and one day later, the earliest moment that his contract permitted. The concept would be intact, it would just be up to the fan to Sellotape the two “episodes” together.

Is this the (disappointingly thin) shape of things to come? The noughties have seen a notable decline in the standard of doubles – Speakerboxx/The Love Below was fatally lop-sided, American Idiot brutally crass and Stadium Arcadium, well, a Red Hot Chili Peppers record. Instead the likes of Muse, prime candidates for gatefold glory, are promising to release batches of songs on the internet rather than crowbar them onto a single CD. Will our burgeoning young artists now be robbed of the chance to make their White Album?

There is hope for this endangered rock species. This week Patrick Wolf announced that his next album would be a double – one “light” half and one “punky, aggressive” half – featuring Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot. Wolf claims it will be a politically charged record tackling his depression, near insanity and redemption in the arms of fresh love. Fingers crossed for this generation’s The Wall?

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