11/21 – LA @ The Redwood Bar
11/28 – Prescott, AZ @ Raven Cafe
11/30 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
12/01 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
12/2 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
12/3 – New Orleans, TX @ Circle Bar
12/4 – Nashville, TN @ The Exit In
12/5 – Atlanta, GA @ The Star Bar
12/6 – Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
12/8 – Cincinnati, OH @ Gypsy Hut
12/10 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
12/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro
12/13 – Detroit, MI @ Corktown Tavern
12/14 – Chicago, IL @ The Abbey Pub
12/15 – The Turf Club, MN @ The Turf Club
12/16 – Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
12/17 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
12/18 – Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
12/21 – Seattle, WA @ The Comet
12/22 – Portland, OR @ The East End

See Golden Animals ON TOUR and agree with what others have had to say…

“When they rock out in the faux-blues readymade “The Steady Roller,” you can practically inhale the pungent aroma of their pirate shirts. They’re a marriage made in psychedelic desert-blues heaven.” Blender

“unpolished sound from ghostly echoes of 60’s West Coast Psychedelia 50’s rock and roll and swampy old blues. They have a nice, semi-chaotic way about them” Mojo

“Their ragged eclecticism is a winning one, taking detours into slide country, beat up folk and starry desert ballads” Uncut

“Eisner’s voice is deep, dark, and moving, like Johnny Cash’s gruffness meeting Devendra Banhart’s serenade, while Beecroft’s croon is soft, light, and sweet. Though different as night and day, the twocombined in harmony strike a balance that is beautiful and haunting.” Venuszine

“Golden Animals truly does sound dust-blown, leather-tethered, and sun-washed ala 1960s love children. Tommy has the lax slur of a cowboy and a startling vocal similarity to JIm Morrison. Morrison lives? Relish it like a 1960s frolicking naked hippie for a day and it’ll wash the pain away.” RCRD LBL

GOLDEN ANIMALS’s are Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft, and their brand ?of West Coast indie Rock is built on austere beats, slide guitars and ?fuzzed-up California harmonies, Produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, T.V. On The Radio, Blonde Redhead)? mixed by Thom Monahan (Brightblack Morning Light, Devendra Banhart, The Entrance Band).It’s the sound they ?were born to make – if you believe the fortune-teller whose mysterious ?predictions were the catalyst for the formation of the band back in ?the day when their worlds collided in a cozy European Cafe, one very ?rainy evening. The band’s chief inspiration is the blues,be it the ?foundation blues artists of the ’20s and 30’s – “Those early blues recordings are the fountain,” ?they say. “Even in 200 years, people will find completely new ways to ?create all within those rules and algorithms.” The band is currently posted up in Laurel Canyon- the?nexus of the West Coast Rock sound and counterculture – Golden Animals are carrying on the grand tradition of Love,?The Byrds, Buckingham Nicks, and The Mama’s and The Papas. Make no mistake- “Free Your Mind And Win A Pony” is? a timeless rock and roll debut. True soul, be here now.
“Make no mistake: this is psychedelic pop-rock for the flower generation, still going strong in 2008. It is pure old style California: all guitar driven attitude and bluesy stomp. Free Your Mind and Win a Pony has got all the hip-slung fun and holler of alt scene favourites, The White Stripes, but presents itself without dark edges.”

“If there’s a more instantly infectious opener than “The Steady Roller” this year I haven’t heard it – guitars snarling on a “Moonlight Drive” while tambourine shakes, snare snaps and the music moves like blood after a good tongue kiss. Eisner’s low, manly pipes and Robby Krieger-esque guitar snaking and Beecroft’s tumbling, infectious time keeping and girlishly bright voice make such a nifty environment to spend time in, regardless of whether or not you pay attention to the contents of their simmering, psychedelic, Bible touched tunes. A strongly non-traditional interpretation of the blues and an appreciation for the kind of fist in the air guitar antics that fuel AC/DC and Thin Lizzy further push this one into the winner’s circle.” Jambase

“Psychedelic blues-rock, long on reverb and chugga-lugga drum/guitar rhythms okayed by the light of a baritone moon” Independent on Sunday “Delicately crafted songs such as such as Follow Me Down are interspersed with chugging psychedelic blues and infectious, mescalin-around-the-campfire feel.” The Guardian

“Transcends the limitations of their rudimentary set up. Album highlight “Queen Mary (The Flop) features multiple tempo changes and builds to an electrifying frenzy which must go down a storm in a live setting. “Ride Easy” begins as a tender country plodder, but undertakes several detours with satisfying results”

“An intense blend of scratchy blues riffs, woozy psych, and Walloped drums” NME

“They know how to riff with atomic force” Dazed and Confused

“They do thrive on the blues and this album is also absolutely and purely informed by the 60’s; the psychedelic end that enjoyably rattles with progressive rock ‘n roll moments. Golden Animals have
gone for refinement where other acts may have just opted for a pleasurable clatter”

“Who thought that dusty, fusty rock and roll would be one of the sounds of the brave new 2008?”

“Unreconstructed late ’60s/early ’70s bluesy folk, stripped of all pretensions towards folktronica, nu folk or the freakish edge Devendra Banhart likes to sharpen, they might as well have fallen through a
timewarp from thirty odd years ago.”

“The twinning of Tommy Eisner’s (USA) guitars and Linda Beecroft’s (Sweden) drums roll out tunes that get stuck in your throat with the catchiness of a fish bone.”

“Golden Animals are one of the most exciting acts to emerge this year.” Planet Notion

“Golden Animals: have unleashed eleven tracks filled with solid blues guitar work that resembles The Doors and Cream, as well as 60s-era pop melodies reminiscent of The Zombies and The Beatles. Heavy guitar-driven tracks like “The Steady Roller” and “Queen Mary (The Flop)” sound straight out of the golden age of rock and roll rather than their origin in today’s era of increasingly mixed, sampled and electronic music.” Anthem

“Their music evokes a blend of sun-drenched psychedelic, acid-tinged blues-rock that calls to mind an era of music when folk, country, blues, and rocknroll could blend together. ” Venuszine

“A timeless collection of tracks rooted in those who have influenced Golden Animals the most – from the Doors and the Grateful Dead to Fred McDowell – “Balancing their psychedelic folk, popularized by fellow artists like Devendra Banhart through his similar atmospheric and naturalistic sound with a modern blues edge.” Aquarian

“If you like your rock dusty and your song-length escapes surreal, give Golden Animals a chance or two” I Guess I’m Floating

“As an experimental mash of yesteryear’s sonic signatures and today’s technological upgrades, Golden Animals’ smoky effort is a timeless pleasure” Metromix

Golden Animals

“Free Your Mind And Win A Pony”

Album released on HappyParts Recordings

1.The Steady Roller
2.Queen Mary (The Flop)
3.Ride Easy
4.Try On Me
5.My My My
6.Follow Me Down
7.Turn You Round (Don’t Let Nobody)
8.My Friend Bill
9.I Want You To Come
11.Darkness & Light

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