The Whip Are Set To Release X MARKS DESTINATION Out March 3, 2009 On Razor & Tie

The Whip Are Set To Release “X MARKS DESTINATION” Out March 3, 2009 On Razor & Tie!!

(Nathan Sudders, Danny Saville, Lil Fee, and Bruce Carter)

Already a sensation across the Atlantic, The Whip have marked their destination for the US, swaggering over across the pond in true Mancunian fashion. Their music is brimming with a 21st century sense of frustration and alienation and bringing people together on the dance floor to sweat and stomp their worries away. Their hometown rock/dance forefathers have been making us party since the birth of UK indie dance in the 80’s and The Whip are now carrying the baton onwards for a new generation to enjoy.

They are releasing on March 3rd their debut full-length “X MARKS DESTINATION”, an incredible mélange of beats and melodies. The Whip craft songs with shimmering synths, clanging chords and lingering melancholy, but are also ready and willing to tackle prickly power ballads as well as the dance floor detonators – they definitely aren’t a rock band that just discovered synths last year, or merely a New Order for an iPod generation.


1 Trash
2 Frustration
3 Fire
4 Save My Soul
5 Sirens
6 Divebomb
7 Blackout
8 Muzzle #1
9 Sister Siam
10 Dubsex
11 Blackout – Shinichi Osawa Remix*
12 Muzzle # 1 – Bloody Beetroots Remix*
13 Sister Siam – Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix*
14 Trash – Crookers Remix*

*US Special Edition Bonus Material

“The Whip are ready-made for dance parties, evoking Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem and — on their best number, “Trash” — a bit of Stone Roses” [Five Bands To Watch From SXSW 2008]

“[The Whip] are the most authentically rave outfit I’ve heard out of this whole pseudo-movement. They anchor their spiky bleeps and strobing synths with a surprisingly strong rhythm section, consistently pulling the groove forward … Best song: “Blackout.” Pitchfork

“The strength of “Trash”, a killer single….. can wreck a room.” SPIN.COM

“Best Thing to happen to dance music….mutilatingly brilliant.” NME

“Finally a band perfecting that uneasy dance/rock hybrid. This band is way ahead of the pack and follow no one. X Marks a national treasure.” Clash Magazine

“The Whip’s “Divebomb” is one of the best tracks of the year.” The Guardian (UK)

“If the White Stripes are the new Led Zeppelin, The Whip is the new New Order.”

“A band that puts out beautiful music… they whip out theinfectious dance-rock like it ain’t no thing, channelling all kinds of gritty and dirty in “Trash.” CMJ

Their live performance is utterly mindblowing and they have played some of this year’s biggest festivals worldwide which included Glastonbury, Leeds/Reading, V Festival, Fuji Rocks, Electronic Beats and the list goes on…. Whether they are playing to a 5,000 fan festival audience or a smaller, more intimate show, they put their hearts and souls into making sure that everyone in attendance has an amazing time! After a killer showing this past SXSW and CMJ, The Whip will be back in the States this spring taking by storm SXSW, WMC and every city in between. Tour dates will be announced soon, but to get you prepared for the mayhem check out their performance from the Warehouse Project, the current #1 dance event in Europe.

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