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Travis Barker and DJ AM to Headline New Year’s Nation’s (NYN) Nationwide New Year’s Eve Party

Travis Barker and DJ AM to Headline New Year’s Nation’s (NYN) Nationwide New Year’s Eve Party

TRVSDJAM to perform for NYN simultaneous New Year’s Eve celebration that spans 10 cities, four time zones and the Internet at

LOS ANGELES – December 1, 2008 – New Year’s Nation (NYN), a high-end events and promotions company that leverages technology to create simultaneous social experiences for young professionals in major markets around the country, today announced its nationwide New Year’s Eve party that will span 10 cities and four time zones – and also be broadcast online at

Travis Barker and DJ AM (TRVSDJAM) will reunite on stage to headline the NYN celebration live from NYN’s Los Angeles New Year’s Eve Party at The Lot. The TRVSDJAM set will be streamed live in high-definition (HD) quality on the Internet at, and broadcast live to NYN parties across the U.S. through NYN-TV, a live, HD quality broadcast powered by BitGravity, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for interactive broadcast. Through NYN-TV, guests at NYN parties in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland and Seattle will be able to see TRVSDJAM’s performance and dance to their music.

“I’m glad our first show back is here in LA on New Year’s Eve. I’ve never been 10 places at once before,” said DJ AM.

“I’m ready to get back on stage with AM and continue to rock the house. I’m very excited to bring in the New Year in my hometown of LA,” said Travis Barker.

The concept of the nationwide, simultaneous party was born in 2006, when NYN CEO Jann Yogman hosted the first NYN New Year’s Eve party in five U.S. cities. This year, NYN will link ten parties in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle.

“On the biggest party night of the year, people deserve a high-class experience without the hassles that are normally associated with New Year’s Eve,” said Yogman. “New Year’s Nation does New Year’s Eve right. We secure amazing venues and first-class entertainment, provide easy access to food and drinks, and connect thousands of partygoers all across the nation.”

Live footage from NYN celebrations around the nation will be featured on ESPN during the “Red Bull: New Year, No Limits.” New Year’s Eve event in Las Vegas beginning at 11:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. PT on December 31.

For partygoers attending one of the NYN events, NYN’s attention to detail and commitment to creating an unforgettable, entertaining and hassle-free evening sets it apart from all other New Year’s Eve parties. The party will feature:

• Pre-sold, all-inclusive tickets sold to a number of guests that can fit comfortably in the venue – no packed spaces, velvet ropes or lines that wrap around the block.

• On-site entertainment from nationally known DJ’s, in addition to the TRVSDJAM set that will be streamed live to the nation.

• A guest-to-bartender ratio that ensures all attendees will have easy access to drinks.

• Gourmet passed hors d’oeuvres and food stations, champagne upon arrival and at Midnight.

More information on the NYN New Year’s Eve simultaneous celebration, including ticket sales, can be found at Check out the NYN page on Facebook ( and MySpace ( to stay up to date on videos, blog entries, photos and who else is attending NYN 09 in your city and online.

About New Year’s Nation
New Year’s Nation (NYN) is a high-end events and promotions company that leverages technology to create simultaneous social experiences for young professionals in major markets around the country.

NYN was formed in 2006 when entrepreneur and events promoter Jann Yogman conceived the idea of creating the first nationwide New Year’s Eve party that would use technology to connect young professionals and enable them to interact and share in the same social experience.

Based on the success of this first event, NYN has expanded the party every year. New Year’s Eve 2008 will include more than 15,000 guests in 10 cities and four time zones across the country, with thousands more participating online.

NYN currently focuses on creating a national New Year’s Eve Party, but in the future will expand to other events and online tools for people who value these experiences, allowing them to interact in a variety of ways. While the possibilities for these experiences are endless, everything that New Year’s Nation is involved with will reflect the “NYN Experience” in quality and customer experience.

Age of Daze – Hollywood Ending – In Stores and on Online Now

AGE OF DAZE – “AFFLICTED” Streaming Audio


Hollywood Ending, is made up of eight skillfully-crafted, unadulterated rock songs, ranging the gamut from passionate ballad to kickass guitar anthem. And yes, the results are in… 10 out of 10 blind listening sessions have concluded …there’s no @!* way this band is staying indie… In fact, they don’t sound indie at all!!

For those of you who haven’t heard the band (and have no fear, you will soon), AOD is 100% rock – pure and simple. Kinda like orange juice – with all the pulp but none of the acid! With 3 pounding guitars, 1 killer bass and a drum kit that gets the shit kicked out if it every time it’s played, this band has a sound that draws you in, rocks your soul, then locks you into an addiction you’ll never get rid of…not that you’d want to! The success of Afflicted , the band’s first single to be released on traditional radio in Canada and on Sirius satellite radio in the US, has been nothing short of mind-blowing when you consider the band hasn’t put anything out there but the song…meaning no gigantic publicity machine, no dipping into limitless pools of corporate marketing cash, no grueling cross-country tour … All hail to the Internet – the true litmus test of what’s hot and what’s not…and AFFLICTED is definitely smokin’ according to AOD’s MySpace fans!

For those of you in.the.know, it shouldn’t be surprising that Age of Daze have made themselves quite at home on Sirius Octane’s Top 20 Rock Charts, dueling with the likes of 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Seether and Chevelle for most played and most requested song with incredible ease – like they were born to be there (and quite frankly, we think they were). Again, not an insignificant accomplishment for an indie band from somewhere.up.there.north.of.the.border. Even band members agree they’re not the type of band you’d expect from “out east.” But hey, when you aim high, you usually win big. And win big they have – garnering a loyal family of rock fans that span the far corners of the globe – from New Zealand to Italy, from Portland to England, and almost every damn state in the mighty US of A!

On this side of the 49th P, Afflicted is blazing up the Media Base Top 20 Rock Charts, getting airplay and support from coast 2 coast. With gigs this year during the ECMAs and CMW, their ability to win over any crowd has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s no wonder the band is having such a hard time keeping the album stocked – the requests just keep getting louder and louder!

But the one thing that really makes your head spin about this album is the talent behind it, and the focus of the band members. With dig deep, passionate vocals, the power of three rockin’ guitars, heavy bass and the craziest @%! drummer relentlessly thrashing his skins (not to mention the sweat flying around on stage) – they’re the real deal. They’re stoked and they’re in it to win it. Says lead vocalist Tim Morrison, “you gotta go big or go home” – full stop.

From the sound of things… they ain’t goin’ home anytime soon!

TRACKLISTING – Hollywood Ending:
1. Afflicted
2. Change Everything
3. Believe
4. Overrated
5. In The Moment
6. Thought You Should Know
7. Cure For You
8. BONUS TRACK (Believe Acoustic)