Brazil’s Nancy are about to warm things up with the release of their Keep Cooler EP and US Tour

Brazil’s Nancy are about to warm things up with the release of their Keep Cooler EP and US Tour

Brazil is known for it’s ass-shakin’ music with artists like CSS and Bonde do Role, which leaves one to wonder what else is out there? Well, Nancy, that’s what! Their sultry melodic indie pop sound is miles away from what the Brazilian music scene is noted for in the States. Rest assure, though, that Nancy is about to give everyone a lesson in Brazil’s hidden indie rock gems.

Their deliciously sexy EP Keep Cooler, being digitally released Stateside on March 10, 2009, is the work of exchanged e-mails, late night AIM action, swapping Garage Band vocals, guitar parts, and a couple of transatlantic flights. While Camila Zamith (vocals) carried her laptop from Uruguay to London, Praxis (guitar) wore flip-flops to work almost everyday in R io de Janeiro. Camila believes that this kind of songwriting process makes things more “organised and disciplined as a band, as well as more objective about what we wanted to accomplish. It makes you work a little harder because you don’t have the instant feedback from your bandmates. Inevitably, you try to write something that is closer to a final version of the song so that you aren’t the one slowing down the process.” Months later, they regrouped for two weeks of up-all-night recording sessions in Brasília, Brazil’s modernist capital, and all the hard work and late night electronic coorespondence paid off with the completion of their enchantingly irresistible EP.

“In terms of new bands, Brazilian band Nancy won me over with the sexy and swaggering Keep Cooler” – USA TODAY, Pop Candy

“Nancy, a Brazilian five-piece outfit…is heavy, saucy, grindy, and lovely.” – Music For Robots

“We don’t like using the word “sexy” to describe music but it’s the first word that comes to mind when listening to “Keep Cooler” by Nancy, the Brazilian indie pop band we featured a few weeks ago. Camila Zamith’s sultry vocal delivery is worthy of the likes of Roisin Murphy and even Goldfrapp, but the song itself exists in a more rockish dimension. The chugging, marching rhythm and guitar strums give the song a feel of urgency and energy.” – RCRD LBL

Nancy is about to head out on their first ever tour of the US and will be playing dates on the East Coast leading up to some great sets at this year’s SXSW.

March Tour Dates
Thu, March 12 – DC @ The Red and The Black
Fri, March 13 – NYC @ The Delancey
Sat, March 14 – NYC @ Pianos
Wed, March 18 – Austin *SXSW*
Thu, March 19 – Austin *SXSW*
Fri, March 20 – Austin *SXSW*
Sat, March 21 – Austin *SXSW* @ French Legation Museum

**Please note that more East Coast tour dates will be announced shortly

Nancy are:
Camila Zamith: vocals
Praxis: Guitars
Dreaduardo: Drums
Munha: Bass
Fernando Velloso: Guitars
Ivan Bicudo: Keys

Click HERE for free download of title track Keep Cooler

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