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Cazals return to the USA this March -Release critically acclaimed debut album What of Our Future out March 3rd (The:Hours)

Cazals return to the USA this March -Release critically acclaimed debut album “What of Our Future” out March 3rd (The:Hours).

Tuesday March 3rd – Pianos 8.30PM – New York, NY

Friday March 6th – 10PM – The Studio, New York, NY

Tuesday March 10th – 10PM – Cinespace, Los Angeles, CA

Life Is Boring – Crookers Remix

Cazals are set to return to the US this spring to showcase their killer live set in New York & LA as well as to celebrate the release of the debut, before returning back to the UK to work on their sophomore release. The first non-electronic group to sign with label du jour Kitsune, ran by Daft Punk former manager Gildas Loaec who promptly signed the band after hearing their tremendously exciting indie ode to teenage rebellion “Poor Innocent Boys”. After the single was added to the infamous Kitsune Maison collection in Europe, the bands name and buzz soon began to flourish, prompting them to record their spectacular pop debut masterpiece “What of Our Future” out March 3rd (The Hours).

“Wrapped in bright guitars and slick synths, every track boasts an arresting touch” – SPIN

“The London five-piece balances retro-pop melodies reminiscent of XTC with DJ-minded fist-pump breakaways and a gritty garage edge. ” – XLR8R

Cazals signed to The:Hours/Kitsune in 2009 and are thrilled to be part of two very unique and hands on indie labels (The:Hours also recently signed UK favorites Elbow in France), able to stay true to their DIY ethics and maintain control in all aspects of their creative output, it’s clear this band refuse to slow down. Their debut album ‘What Of Our Future’ — produced by the bands bass player Martin Dubka (who’s also currently producing the upcoming Ali Love debut) — opens with the anthemic ‘New Boy In Town’ – the perfect antidote to endless, faceless guitar bands. Before unfolding with ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ and the strutting guitars of their last single smash ‘Somebody, Somewhere’, a massive hit with a huge pogo-inducing chorus that had SPIN comparing the band to elvis costello, prompting any mere mortal to “strut off shamelessly into a skinny-tie karaoke chorus”. Kanye West also recently gave his seal of approval in the form of a blog not to long ago — to their most current “Life Is Boring” a stellar single, accompanied with a limited edition LIFE IS BORING T-shirt — designed by the one and only graffiti artist, illustrator, night life entrepreneur (who also co owns Beatrice Inn with Paul Sevigny and is the proud hubby of Ed Banger Queen Uffie) Andre Saraiva

The centre piece of the album sees the band at their most experimental with ‘Comfortable Silence’ a beautifully weird and sonic track that Phil Spector in his pomp would have been proud of. Along with the brilliant French pop perfections of ‘We’re Just The Same’ and the razor sharp ‘Both Sides’.

Hailing from the four corners of England, Cazals have built their reputation from the ground up and are now more than ready to take centre stage. Cazals are here, bringing their own brand of ‘guitar-dance-pop’ with them … so be prepared for a new set of heroes.

Its clear to see these lads have a lot going for them and 2009 is destined to be there year – the stars have aligned and the band are heading stateside -be sure to catch them at one of their gigs / in store appearances then be sure to run out and buy the album when it drops here in the USA on March 3rd (The:Hours/Fontana).

Cazals – Life Is Boring video

A phrase such as the hilariously dismissive and ironic “Life Is Boring” slogan, couldn’t possibly sum up any better a collective attitude and notion that the hipster elite so blatantly possess — embracing that je ne sais quoi… a New York-Paris-London rock-n-roll common-denominator that’s so prevalent in the world of indie rock — not to mention the swagger, of course, that all three have constantly maintained. This T is the epitome of anything-but-boring.

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