Sam Bisbee – Oxygen video from the album Son of a Math Teacher

NYC songwriter Sam Bisbee’s song “Oxygen” off his new release, Son of a Math Teacher, available now on le Grand Magistery (Pas/Cal, Stars). The video was directed by Tobias Perse. Perse kept the visual effects to a bare minimum, and the video was shot using nothing other than a projector and modeling clay!

Sam’s video for “Oxygen

Sam spends a lot of his time writing songs for other people (he has a publishing deal with Nettwerk and composes/arranges songs for film, TV and other artists), and recently celebrated the release of his own, fourth album, Son of a Math Teacher, which features guest appearances from Leona Naess, Lucie Wainwright Roche, Mike Viola, and Liz Tormez.

“Our favorite new New York City singer-songwriter” – Paper Magazine

“Clever lyrics, crisp guitar-rock instrumentation, and subtle, yet insinuating hooks.” – Billboard Magazine


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