COHEED & CAMBRIA releases limited Neverender: Children of the Fence Edition DVD/CD Box Sets TODAY

COHEED & CAMBRIA releases limited Neverender: Children of the Fence Edition DVD/CD Box Sets TODAY!

NEVERENDER was the landmark event where for the first time ever, Coheed and Cambria performed all four of their concept albums in entirety over four nights. TODAY you can re-witness this incredible journey through an amazing box set containing not only a DVD and audio CD of each night’s performance, but also a must-have photobook and documentary DVD that captures the journey leading to this spectacular event. In addition, the limited edition deluxe NEVERENDER: CHILDREN OF THE FENCE EDITION box set also contains a collectible dragonfly.

** There are only 15,000 limited box sets available worldwide. **

NEVERENDER was originally intended to take place in New York and Los Angeles exclusively. The 15,000 tickets for these shows sold out entirely within an astounding three hours of going on sale. When the band saw how fast all 8 shows sold, they decided to extend the tour to include Chicago and London.

“NEVERENDER came about because we wanted to celebrate the end of the Coheed and Cambria saga in a special way,” says Coheed frontman Claudio Sanchez. “We wanted to come up with an idea that paid proper respect to this phase of our career, while at the same time gave our fans something truly unique and different. Many of these songs have never been played in front of an audience before so I think we’re going to be freaking out at the same time our fans are. It’s going to be a major challenge. We’re psyched our fans have been so loyal and amazing. We figured they deserved this.”

Check out some of the feedback from fans on Cobalt and Calcium who pre-ordered the package have said:

“Words can’t describe how f*cking amazing this thing is. OMG. If I don’t post after this it’s because my brain exploded from the epicness that is the Children Of The Fence box set”.

“Brilliant. Words absolutely fail to describe how epic this thing is. If you don’t have it, get it. It’s worth every penny. They’re so bloody tight, and the musicianship is just astounding! This is an incredible celebration of Coheed and their career so far. The documentary is really cool and enlightening as well. A great package. This is why I love Coheed. They’re truly like no other band out there right now.”

“Wow, just wow, I’m not sure that I can find the words to describe the incredible QUALITY of these DVDs (haven’t gotten to the CDs yet). The editing is beyond brilliant, every shot flows so well with the music. The camera work is phenomenal, scoping individual members at the perfect times, cutting back to the full band, consistently peppered with the very best of the crowd’s intensity.”

Pick up your copy now before it’s too late!


You can meet up with Coheed & Cambria today at 5pm at Hot Topic in the Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey by purchasing a Coheed & Cambria T-shirt. For more information call the Bridgewater Commons Hot Topic at 908.203.9130.

For those of you on the west coast, the band will be heading to Hot Topic in Burbank Town Center, California on March 26th @ 5pm. For more information call the Burbank Town Center Hot Topic at 818.843.9630.

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