To our fellow fun N. Americans:

Please allow me to streeeetch for a second. Years ago freestyle wonder woman Debbie Deb sang in her hit Lookout Weekend:

“Jumping music, slick deejays, fog machines and laser rays

Lookout weekend cause, here I come
Because weekends were made for fun

I work hard, everyday, its all work and no play
With the boss on my back, he don’t give me any slack
I sit down, I daydream of how my weekends gonna be

Lookout weekend cause, here I come
Because weekends were made for fun”

I think what Miss Deb describes above is much like seeing a Ponytail show…its a release, a party, a cathartic getaway from the life around you. I have laid witness to Ponytail over and over, and the feeling never dwindles and the sounds never dull. Their faces are always illuminating and it transfers to your heart and grins. Your world is the now and it feels amazing. Its the sheeeezbaum!

So maybe its not exactly the weekend, and maybe Ponytail doesn’t have laser rays, but who the hell doesn’t want fun?
See you there.

Sir James Winnie
We Are Free

Ponytail Tour Dates:
3.28 Kay Spiritual Life Center/American University Washington DC w/ Los Campesinos!
3.29 Filmore at the TLA Philadelphia, PA
4.1 TT the Bears Cambridge, MA
4.2 Fuel the Rocket Club (Dartmouth College) Hanover, NH
4.23 DC9 Washington DC
4.24 Eclectic House Wesleyan, CT
4.25 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY w/ Marnie Stern, Think About Life
4.26 Iron Horse Northampton, MA
4.27 Monkey House Burlington, CT
4.28 La Sala Rossa Montreal, QUEBEC
4.29 The Deleon White Gallery Toronto, ONTARIO
4.30 PIke Room Detroit, MI
5.1 Rubble Bar Mt. Pleasant, MI
5.3 Schubas Chicago, IL
5.4 Jackpot Lawrence, KS w/ Vivian Girls
5.5 Hi-Dive Denver, CO
5.7 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
5.8 Neurolux Boise, ID
5.9 Vera Project Seattle, WA
5.10 Holocene Portland, OR
5.12 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA
5.13 Howie and Sons Visalia, CA
5.15 The Echo Los Angeles, CA
5.16 Acrobatics Everyday Irvine, CA
5.17 Phix Gallery Phoenix, AZ
5.19 Bash Riprocks Lubbock, TX
5.20 Emo’s Austin, TX Chaos in Tejas pre-party
5.21 The Cavern Dallas, TX
5.22 The Bottletree Brimingham, AL
5.23 529 Atlanta, GA
5.24 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
5.25 The Ottobar Baltimore, MD

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