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Born in a Buck’s County barn on a frigid winter night, Drink Up Buttercup has gained an international following in only one year’s time. After being kicked out of their practice space for disturbing the horses, Drink Up was soon besieged with praise in publications like Philadelphia Weekly and in sites and blogs such as Stereogum, Daytrotter, RCRD LBL, CMJ, Ear Farm, and The Music Slut. The Fishtown Spirit called Drink Up the “reigning darlings of the underground press,” and said, “It’s almost ludicrous that a group of kids could garner the sheer amount of media fawning that’s been basically foisted upon Drink Up-all before they even play their one-year anniversary show.” The praise was quickly followed by residency offers in both Philadelphia and NYC and after a year’s worth of shows along the East Coast, Drink Up’s sound has attracted interest from across the pond and are ready to (as New York Times puts it), “bash out its bouncy, oompahing songs on a much-dented garbage can” in austin at this year’s sxsw.

“Lumbering drums, jangling shakers, electronic squiggles, and lots of whimsical, ragged shouts accompany the strutting bass line and stomping guitar. As with, say, Chicago indie-rockers the M’s, it’s all just loose and playful enough to avoid coming across as overly nostalgic.” – Pitchfork

Tour Dates

4/21 – Bruar Falls – Brooklyn, NY (Single Release)
4/22 – Santos Party House – New York, NY (w/ Quintron and Miss Pussycat)
4/28 – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA (w/ Dr Dog)
4/29 – Mr Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA (w/ Dr Dog)
5/8 – Cameo – Brooklyn, NY
5/13 – Pianos – New York, NY (w/ Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers)
5/15 – Southpaw – Brooklyn, NY (w/ Skeletonbreath)
5/16 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

“Drink up Buttercup’s sound offers lyrics that welcome sing-alongs and their musical effrontery of trash cans and mannequin heads (among other things) give the performance a reckless quality that drives their music headlong into groovy freakdom.” – CMJ

Drink Up Buttercup has established quite a reputation for themselves, with a common thread throughout their live reviews filled with excitement and appreciation for the bands’ ability to redefine the boundaries of a performance, rather than simply a musical showcase. Drink Up’s shows have often been compared to the spectacle of a circus, the buzz of a bar-room singalong, and the comfort of a nursery rhyme. Meridith Valiando of Almack’s Dance Hall described the end of one drink up show as follows: “The crowd formed a circle around them and as they strummed and banged on a trash can lid and demanded everyone chime in for a sing-a-long – and EVERYONE did – I felt like a little hipster girl scout.” Artifact of Obsession Collection said, “It is great to see a young band with so much promise and enthusiasm, who are eager and ready to make somebody’s day. They made mine.” The Music Slut called one show “more than just a breath of fresh air. It somehow managed to lift all jadedness from our respective souls (a truly difficult feat, indeed)

‘Farewell Captain/Sosey & Doesy’
The New 7″ Out Now on Kanine Records

“Every even one-sentence mention of the Philadelphia quartet Drink Up Buttercup mentions the Beatles, so I decided I should avoid it at all costs. But then I listened to “Sosey & Dosey” from their “Farewell Captain”-fronted 7″ and it’s my duty to mention the Beatles.” – Stereogum

DOWNLOAD ‘Sosey & Dosey‘ from Stereogum

Farzad Houshiarnejad: keys, wolf-howler, melodica, bass, vox, smashcan
Ben Money: bass, keys, melodica, mannequin head, percussion, vox, smashcan
Mike Cammarata: drums with water, lemon, and sugar packets
James Harvey: vox, guitar, sawed-off-seagull, walki, opera sounds

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