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My Favorite Highway – How To Call A Bluff album out May 5th

Have you heard My Favorite Highway yet?! My Favorite Highway is a 4-piece rock pop band and they are awesome! The band has had four placements on MTV Shows, Newport Harbor, 2 on the Hills, and The City trailer, all of which saw huge spikes in their single sales. They have sold 100,000 singles on iTunes all before ever getting signed. They also have 5.6 million plays on myspace and nearly 60,000 friends. They are the total dyi model that all new bands should follow today!

They were just featured in Alternative Press’ 100 Bands to Watch in 09 issue (clip below) and they’re ready to take the world by storm. Their songs are catchy, infectious, relatable and girls everywhere will soon be falling in love with the young men that make up My Favorite Highway, cousins David and Will Cook, Bobby Morgenthaler and Pat Jenkins.

This link is the trailer for the launch of The City which features My Favorite Highway’s song “What Are You Waiting For.”

The album How To Call A Bluff is out on May 5th. They play Bamboozle on May 3rd and will be touring all summer! Would love to have you work with this band, let me know if you are interested in setting up an interview or receiving advance music for review.

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