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Spindrift will release The Legend Of God’s Gun July 21st on Tee Pee Records

Spindrift will release The Legend Of God’s Gun July 21st on Tee Pee Records.

This will be the first official release of the soundtrack to their critically acclaimed film of the same name.

“[Spindrift has] upgraded the master’s spaghetti sonics for the new millennium on its imminent full-length debut The West…”

“L.A.’s leading practitioners of exotic soundscapes, conjuring up dreamy spells that alternately evoke spaghetti Westerns, psychedelia, dusty blues and Old World klezmer.” -LA Weekly
Mixing the dusty, cinematic soundscapes of old spaghetti-western films with the mind-expanding Psych Rock of modern practitioners like The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre (not to mention drone forefathers The Velvet Underground), L.A.’s Spindrift makes music that sounds like what one would hear while tripping in the desert on a vision quest.

Originally formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Kirpatrick Thomas as two bands — an East Coast Rock one and a West Coast version more in line with Thomas’ Ennio Morricone Jones — the frontman bled all of the influences into one and dropped anchor in California, forming a seven-piece band (including former BJM and Warlocks members) to re-create the spooky Old West sounds in his head. The unique hybrid caught the ears of Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones early, leading him to champion the band on his popular L.A. radio show. Since then, Spindrift has worked songs into movie soundtracks — most notably the indie The Legend of God’s Gun, in which the band’s music plays a starring role — and are currently enjoying success with The West, the band’s first album for the Dandy Warhols’ Beat the World label.

Both haunting and hallucinogenic, “The Legend of God’s Gun” soundtrack takes the listener on a cosmic journey through the desert as a preacher-turned-gunslinger sets out for vengeance.

With a guitar in one hand and six-shooter in the other, neo-cosmic cowboy Kirpatrick Thomas and his current band of banditos resurrect the spirits of Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai and combines them with the ghosts of Velvet Underground and Jim Morrison, weaving a dusty backdrop to a story of sin and salvation in the wild wild west.

The Legend Of God’s Gun Tracklisting:
1. In The Beginning…
2. Titoli
3. The Legend Of God’s Gun
4. Conversation With A Gun
5. Preacher’s Theme
6. The New West (instrumental)
7. Speak To The Wind
8. Organ Fugue In Dm Op 42
9. Burn The Church
10. Greenhorn’s Introduction
11. Girlz Booze and Gunz
12. Blessing The Bullets
13. The Scorpion’s Venom
14. Indian Run

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 17th: The Redwood – Los Angeles, CA
June 19th: Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
June 20th: The Lounge Underground – Monterey, CA
June 22nd: The Press Club – Sacramento, CA

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