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Blacklist Release Their Debut “Midnight of the Century” on Wierd Records July 28, 2009

Blacklist Release Their Debut “Midnight of the Century” on Wierd Records July 28, 2009

To listen to Blacklist is to listen to people who have chosen to stand in opposition. Complex and modern themes are wound tightly inside impressionistic lyrics, available to be unravelled by the curious listener or ignored by those who find themselves moved primarily by the force of the music. The band’s debut LP, Midnight Of The Century, is raw ambition mixed with raw power. Mixed by Ed Buller (Suede, Slowdive, Pulp, White Lies) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Muse, Jeff Buckley, Iron Maiden, U2, Nirvana), it is a potent dose of rock and roll maximalism.

When the revolutionary Victor Serge coined the idea of a midnight in the century, he was referring to the dark pact between two of the cruelest tyrants the world had ever seen. And yet Serge is perhaps best known for his rambunctious, stubborn attitude in the face of such darkness: “the course is set on hope,” he wrote. It is precisely this marriage of extremity to romantic optimism that characterizes Midnight Of The Century — not just in the realm of ideas, but musically as well. Despite its density of sound and shadowy atmospheres, the record is the soundtrack to an uplifting journey that is as personal as it is universal. It is also a fitting manifesto announcing the arrival of Blacklist.

“icy sound and quaking bottom end is counterbalanced by a more inviting, anthemic impulse” – Village Voice

“bell-ringing guitars and dark-overcoat charisma transport you back to the Chameleons’ anthemic heyday.” – SPIN [ Songs You Must Hear Now!]

“equal parts pornography, poetry, post-punk and politics” – The Big Takeover

“a much-needed anomaly in NYC’s music scene .. with their chiming guitars and dark, romantic melodies” – Other Music

“simultaneously celebratory and melancholy… they create the soundtrack to an explosive resistance” – RCRD LBL

“Midnight of the Century”


1. Still Changes
2. Fight of the Demoiselles
3. Shock in the Hotel Falcon
4. Language of the Living Dead
5. Odessa
6. Julie Speaks
7. Poison for Tomorrow
8. Frontiers
9. The Cunning of History
10. When Worlds Collide
11. The Believer

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