The Dieselumusic.com website has been on the brink of crash for the past two months: millions of visitors, unsigned and breaking acts submitted their work hoping to be one of the two selected artists of this year’s Diesel:U:Music.

Diesel brought together an international jury composed of the likes of Sony Music Publishing Manager Atsushi Inoue, head of Universal Music Rock/Urban label in Germany Daniel Lieberberg, and Spin magazine senior editor Ellen Carpenter to name just a few. The deliberation took hours …the judges then selected five finalists from Norway, UK and US and among them the first winner of the Diesel:U:Music global tour, with the second tour winner selected by the Diesel team after months of virile debate.

And the winners are…The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! and HEARTSREVOLUTION.

The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! are a never ending romp of a dance party. Coming from the USA, their catchy, dancey pop songs make you feel something in your heart and in your feet, songs that you haven’t heard in almost a month, but for some reason woke up with stuck in your head this morning.

HEARTSREVOLUTION are a NYC band that have created a brand which represents their parallel universe that includes the Heartschallenger ice cream trucks, merchandise and vinyl discography that almost looks good enough to eat. Their motto is CYOA! Choose Your Own Adventure! sign us up!!

The D:U:M global tour is now ready to go!
Starting in July 12 concerts will sweep across the planet in an international six-month journey reaching major cities all over the world. First date Berlin on July 3rd, and then: New York, Tokyo, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, Madrid, London, Beijing, Vienna, Sydney and Miami. Visit www.dieselumusic.com if you want tickets for the global tour as well as to attend the performances live from the comfort of your sofa.

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