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Casxio (Ca-See-Oh) are a refreshing devine fusion of disco, funk and rock n’ roll. Reminiscent of a sound that first infiltrated our airwaves over a quarter of a century ago, Casxio is what happens when Prince, the Talking Heads, and Sly Stone all get their hearts broken by the same girl .

About to head to the East Coast for select tour dates this October, including CMJ ’09 (to coincide with their forthcoming EP ‘Seventeen’). We are more than proud to introduce a band certain to generate a buzz from their unique 70’s inspired sound and top notch live delivery.

Watch Casxio’s Boiling Point

Featured on their forthcoming EP this October

Inspired by the soulful falsetto balladry of classic icons as diverse as Curtis Mayfield, and Hall & Oates, Casxio’s aim is to “be more than just a friend to you” -Bringing the intensity and emotion back into a world where pop has become stagnant and disposable, this West Coast four-piece revives the timeless soul and funk feeling we’ve been long since waiting for.

Leadman Lucas Guerin, joined by band mates Eric Saez (guitar), Andrea Choe (keys), and Zach Schrock (drums) are Casxio, a band steadily enticing audiences of jaded head-boppers to partake in a bacchanalian celebration of music that one cannot help but move to.

Indeed, you may not have heard of this Los Angeles based quartet Casxio until now, however it’s a matter of time before they are on everyone’s radar and playlists this summer and beyond. Since their inception in 2007, Casxio has developed an impressive retinue, hailed by critics and garnering a loyal following of revelers, (including cohorts Sam Sparro, Yelle and Datarock).

Frontman Lucas Guerin, insouciant Frenchman and main songwriter behind Casxio’s masterpieces, holds down lead vocals and bass, smoldering with unabashed soulfulness. Born into a family of notable French jazz musicians, Lucas learned to foster a love for soul, rhythm, and movement from a very young age. With Grandfather Roger Guerin (who played alongside iconic figures such as Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong), a mother who is a classically trained pianist and a father who plays jazz piano and flute, making music is in his blood.

Through equal parts perseverance and good fortune, Lucas has managed to compose a band of enigmatic, mesmerizing characters who together, both entice and enthrall. Guitarist Eric Saez, an NYU accredited thespian, brings with him an animal magnetism not be denied. Andrea Choe, the quixotic keyboardist whose curricular activities include PhD research of parasitic reproduction, manages to dance the fine line between erotically charged and untouchable; Zach Schrock, the drummer eliciting unwitting hip-thrusts from the would-be disaffected, alternates his time as a keen photographer,

With this band we find ourselves experiencing a new wave of appreciation and need to re-visit a time when music transcended any scene and any genre. Casxio wants to rock with you, and celebrate a resurgence of retro. With a cross-over appeal that spans generations of housewives, hipsters and home-boys alike, Casxio possess that lasting quality that far surpasses any fleeting trend.

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