THE 88 DOES ‘COMMUNITY’ SERVICE FOR NBC’S ACCLAIMED NEW COMEDY SERIES “At Least It Was Here” from NBC series, Community Written and Performed by The 88

THE 88 DOES ‘COMMUNITY’ SERVICE FOR NBC’S ACCLAIMED NEW COMEDY SERIES “At Least It Was Here” from NBC series, Community Written and Performed by The 88

Band Also Performed Cover Version of

Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” for Series Pilot

The Los Angeles band, The 88 (, announced today that they have written and performed “At Least It Was Here” the theme song for Community, the acclaimed new comedy series from NBC. The series airs Thursdays at 9:30 PM on NBC, until October 8 when it moves to 8 PM ET/PT. The 88 were also behind the much-blogged about cover of Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me,” that played over the pilot episode’s closing credits.

Tracks from The 88 have made waves on television, video games and online, continuing a trend The 88 initiated upon the release of their first CD Kind of Light. The band’s “Coming Home” was heard in the premiere episode of 90210 last season, while Gossip Girl showcased the piano-driven rocker “It’s A Lot” from their third release, Not Only But Also. The super-charged track “Sons And Daughters” from the same album has challenged Rock Band 2 gamers, while “Hide Another Mistake” was featured on the hit series The O.C. and “All Cause of You” was used in the opening credits of the film, You, Me and Dupree starring Owen Wilson. In all, The 88 has licensed more than 60 tracks to films, television, commercials and other media in their short career.

Recently, The 88 became the first band to record a track entirely on an iPhone. “Love Is The Thing” is a previously released song that was released only on iTunes; within 24 hours it became the band’s most downloaded song. USA Today, Kurt The Cyber Guy, the Los Angeles Times and countless blogs trumpeted The 88 and their innovative new way to record and distribute music entirely outside the mainstream music industry. More information on how The 88 recorded the track can be found here:


Founded in Los Angeles in 2002, The 88 have released three albums – Kind of Light, Over and Over and Not Only…But Also. The band is perhaps best known for their staggering number of music placements in film (Failure to Launch, You Me and Dupree), television (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, CBS’ How I Met Your Mother) and advertising (Sears, Target, Microsoft Zune) among others. Aside from extensive touring in North America, they have appeared on numerous national talk shows including Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Last Call With Carson Daly. The 88 are lead singer/guitarist Keith Slettedahl, pianist Adam Merrin and drummer Anthony Zimmitti.

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