V I A T A N I A Announces A Selection of North American Dates And Debuts “Moon Sweet Moon” October 20 (The:Hours)

V I A T A N I A Announces A Selection of North American Dates And Debuts “Moon Sweet Moon” October 20 (The:Hours)

Via Tania North American Tour Dates
October 22 – Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY
October 23 – Norwood/High Rise Showcase – New York, NY
October 24 – Joe’s Pub – New York, NY
November 10 – Bordello – Los Angeles, CA
November 11 – Bootleg – Los Angeles, CA

“Delicate and dangerous”

“Moon Sweet Moon, will seduce you.”
Gapers Block

“Via Tania is a sensational artist. She continues to gain world-wide recognition that is well deserved.”
Niche Magazine

“One of those rare artists that could give the hemorrhaging music industry a glimmer of hope.”
The Daily News

“Sounds like a combination of St. Vincent and a fairy”
The New Gay

“Get ready to be hypnotized and won over by Australian chanteuse Tania Bowers aka Via Tania.”
This Hearts on Fire

“Via Tania will be a major contender.”

“The lush, layered, arrangements foreground her voice — which is both soft and brazen, like she’s whispering directly into
your ear — and have a dreamy irresistible appeal”

“An absolute gem”

“This singer-songwriter has come along when a breath of fresh air is much needed.”

To many, Via Tania and her unique brand of self-described ‘moon pop’ are, as of yet, undiscovered musical gems of real beauty. The last five years have witnessed her traipse her own quiet path between Australia and the United States, as well as many exotic locales in-between, putting the finishing touches to her sophomore release, ‘Moon Sweet Moon’, which will be released this month with The:Hours.

“Moon Sweet Moon” will be available digitally October 13 and physically October 20

A Brief Story on “Moon Sweet Moon”
“Via Tania came out of a need for personal space,” says the singer/multi-instrumentalist, explaining her set pieces and scene changes. “Even when I was a teenager, I liked to process things at my own pace and write about things alone. In fact, I have a cassette from when I was 14 years old, and the songs on it would fit perfectly in my sets even now.”

Often in her own world, Tania still remembers the rabbit footprints that once dotted her bedroom floor. It’s hard not to. That’s where it all started, after all—where she’d hide for hours dreaming up songs, letting her imagination take flight alongside schoolteacher parents who were “great storytellers” and “didn’t always separate fact from fiction.” “I was an outsider from an early age,” says Tania, a Sydney native who’s weaved in and out of the Chicago music scene for the past decade. “I’ve always been quite comfortable with it, though.”

No wonder why her solo work (as Via Tania) has always sounded like a long day’s journey into night, as if the sun just set and you’re suddenly surrounded by towering trees and the entire cast of Where the Wild Things Are. Except that kid with the crown. Tania’s taken his place, conducting Technicolor pop cuts that might as well be synced up to a short film of its own. Or at the very least, carefully sequenced into a mesmerizing album like Moon Sweet Moon—a parallel dimension that begins innocently enough (the echo chamber keys and buried shuffleboard beats of “The Beginning”) but quickly turns bizarre and a bit, well, mad.

With Moon Sweet Moon, songs started out folky in Tania’s room and expanded ever-so-slightly from there, as she reined in a revolving door of collaborators (including members of Tortoise and Shearwater) along with co-producer Craig Ross. A staple on the Austin music scene (Daniel Johnston, Spoon, Emmylou Harris), Ross met Tania at an Australian show and quickly agreed to help her wrap recording sessions that reached as far back as 2005.

“I told him it was a patchwork of sorts, and he seemed to have no problem with that,” explains Tania. “With Craig, there was a lot of letting go, and reshaping stuff that had been recorded for at least a year. He had such new, fresh ears—a bigger idea of what the whole record should sound like.”

So did Tania. As alone as she often feels in Chicago and Sydney—splitting her time between two very different cities has obliterated her sense of what ‘home’ really means—the Tania of today isn’t all that different than the teenager who used to escape into a world only she could truly understand. “I love new situations and experiences,” says Tania, “taking the challenge of making a new space, meeting new people, writing new songs. You can look at things from many angles, and then you move on—you change again.”

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