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MVRemix is always looking for new writers to help promote your writing to an extremely large audience in order to enable you to go further in journalism and help build up your resume. Writing for us enables you also to get access to larger interviews, review large shows and become more involved in the professional side of the music industry.

Essentially MVRemix is an online magazine, looking to expand into Rock (and all subdivisions of it) and focus more on our MVExpose side (which is being redesigned and tweaked) – a site which sheds light on artists, rappers, DJ’s, dancers etc. that have yet to receive a big break. The website has been running for nearly ten years and all of our archived content can be found online here.

MVRemix Urban (which has been running since 2001) is thriving and enjoys a large, consistent audience, as well as boasts having interviewed and worked with some of urban music’s most popular acts.

What we’re looking for in new writers (obviously a talent in writing) is the drive to seek out your own content to cover and to run with it. Choose who you’d like to interview and what you’d like to review. If you have any troubles obtaining the artist to interview, or album for review, we’ll do our best with that. And of course, with live show reviews, we’ll do our best to get you into all of them. It is a voluntary position, so it’s very much based on your aspirations as a writer and interest in the music.

With that said, writers for MVRemix Urban tend to leave the site (though they still contribute occasionally) and write for larger publications. We’ve had people go on to Rolling Stone, The Source, Vibe, XXL, Mass Appeal and in Vancouver specifically, they’ve gone on to write for the Georgia Straight, The Province and the Metro to name but a few. The site acts as a stepping stone to get your name known and is ideal for aspiring music journalists and journalists in general.

If you’d like to jump on board, we can set you up with writing accounts for our MVRemix Urban, MVRemix Rock and MVExpose blogs and then we’ll start you off with a couple of assignments and you’re off! Please include in the message field below a little about yourself, experience you may have and samples of your work.

Please note, you only need to submit the form once.

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