The Morning Pages Debut “Rising Rain” Out May

“The Morning Pages are broadcasting some interesting musical news from the locus where Brooklyn meets Arkansas, overlooked by the Catskill Mountains, watered by the river Nile. This band is helping to carry the swing for American music of the 21st century, and they do it with coolness and a style of their own.” – Stephen Davis, author Hammer of the Gods

The Morning Pages’ Debut Album,

Rising Rain, Out This May

Click HERE to download their first single “My Name is Lion”

“The Morning Pages write exceptionally organic and emotional music that pulls at the heart strings” – American Songwriter

“Rootsy combo the Morning Pages is based in Brooklyn but delivers a pleasingly vintage, warm, country-rock sound that’s far more suggestive of Nashville. ” -Time Out New York

Fusing country authenticity with the grit of city life, New York’s The Morning Pages aren’t just another Brooklyn band. Since forming in 2007, the band has been adding some much-needed, rustic soul to the New York scene. With members hailing from everywhere from Nashville to San Francisco, the band draws it’s sound from a diverse set of influences, creating an eclectic mix of folk, country, soul, and good-ole-fashioned rock ’n’ roll. And as the band prepares to release their debut full length, Rising Rain (May 11, 2010 on Zealous Records) this spring, they are set to become more than just an East Coast secret.

Rising Rain was born out of a chance meeting between The Morning Pages’ lead singer Grant Maxwell and Russell Simins (The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) at a Manhattan New Year’s Eve Party in 2008. Simins had heard The Morning Pages’ The Company You Keep EP earlier and impressed with their music, struck up a conversation with Maxwell. After a few cocktails, Simins signed on to produce the band’s debut full-length. Shortly thereafter, they hunkered down in Brooklyn’s Cowboy Technical Services Studio to record Rising Rain.

The results were pretty spectacular. Bringing musicians like The Pierces for the harmonies, as well as recruiting piano work from Alec Higgins (Alberta Cross) and fiddle accompaniments from Gillian Rivers (Nicole Atkins), Rising Rain is a classic country- folk record that’s as much Beale Street as it is Bleecker Street. The album’s standouts include the heart-wrenching folk ballad and first single “My Name is Lion,” joyous foot-stompers like “With The Lord” and “This City Keeps Me Down” — tracks that are half folksy soul, half rooftop jam sessions. The record also has a number of plaintive, big-city laments like “Move to the Country” and “Makes Me Cry.” Above all, the album fuses Nashville twang with New York sensibilities as few bands have done before.

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