“Breaststroke” (Memoryhouse Remix) – Mathemagic
(exclusive new remix.. a befitting, Summery feel)

“Breaststroke” – Mathemagic (Original)

Mathemagic – Possibly Canadian music’s best kept secret at the moment, are set to release their debut EP through Paper Bag Digital on April 13th 2010. In just weeks, the band has been championed by the likes of Pitchfork Media, Stereogum, Transparent and The Fader. Mathemagic have also completed remixes for label-mates You Say Party! We Say Die! and CFCF while having their material reworked by the emerging Memoryhouse.

Mathemagic is the collaboration of brothers Evan and Dylan Euteneier from Guelph, Ontario who initially worked on separate projects until coming together as a band in 2009. They capture the feeling of the summer using their warm, dazed guitar riffs, barely-there synths, and blissed out harmonies. The songs draw inspiration from The Beach Boys to Animal Collective and contemporaries such as Washed Out, Friend, and Toro Y Moi.

“We decided to start collaborating on a project and wrote a few songs where we tried to be as creative as possible with the sounds and ideas that we used,” says Dylan. “Generally we don’t really have a specific writing process. We usually just build off of a sound, or riff that we really like. We have tried to stay away from using samples, and rely on our own vision.”

Mathemagic are currently working on a full length album set to release on Paper Bag Records later this year.

What the blogs are saying about Mathemagic:

“On early evidence, Canadian duo Mathemagic seem to be working in a hazy but delicate nu-gaze vein, favoring shimmering drones and layered voices heavy on the reverb. “Breaststroke” is from a self-titled EP according to their MySpace, and it’s utterly devoid of friction, but in the best possible way: drums seems to be falling down stairs in slow motion, handclaps keep time, and a twinkling synth seems refracted by sunlight.”
Pitchfork Media

“It’s interesting how many of these “chillwave” guys have photos of themselves (or others) softly superimposed over some sort of natural/woodsy/beach-going backdrop: It’s because they and their airy sounds seep directly into the ocean around them. (It’s also probably because they know about Phil Elverum). Ontario bedroom-psych pilots Evan Euteneier and Dylan Euteneier continue the tradition, but musically offer a few of their own downcast, spacious details to “Breaststroke.”

“The first time we posted a Mathemagic song, the band was so new we accidentally called them Mathemagics. But now that we’ve known them for a week, it feels like an eternity and they know our deepest secrets, ie we love rainsticks and any songs that sound like rainsticks were a major inspiration. Which “High” is, so of course we love it, and if Mathemagic keeps cranking songs like it and “Breaststroke,” we are going to have to clear out some space for koi pond in the office. So peaceful! Expect a five song EP from the band “in the next few weeks.”
The Fader

“Beach Days”, the new demo Evan has conjured up, is another nebulous, spellborn and distantly aching cut set to swallow your days + soothe your soul. If, on the other hand, this is your first encounter with EE, then you may want to lie on your front in a dark room and think of somewhere that smells of paradise.”

“I’m just happy to have found them at all. With only three songs available the band has absolutely wrapped me up in their gorgeous swirls of electronic sounds, warm vocals, programmed drums, reverbed guitars and hand claps.”
Living Ears

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