Miike Snow Interview, April 12th 2010

Miike Snow Interview, April 12th 2010

conducted by Hugo Lunny

We were expecting to give MVRemix readers and viewers the interview in video form, but that didn’t get to happen.

Upon arriving at the venue, Miike Snow’s manager told me that the video interview I had assumed we were going to be conducting would in actual fact not take place, and that we could still use the video camera but only for audio. He was informed one thing, we were another. And so, still wanting the interview to take place, we got what we could.

After meeting the tall lead singer Andrew Wyatt (the other two group members were visiting family), we went into a backstage room to sit and chat. Wyatt insisted that he was worried about his voice and that he only wanted to speak at a certain volume, and that he did. He considered his answers before answering, and didn’t just shoot off something in a conceited manner. There was time and consideration into what he said.

Occasionally answers were muffled by the bass of the soundcheck going on below us, however the transcripts explain exactly what was said.

Miike Snow Interview part 2:

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