Miike Snow performing live in Vancouver, BC

Miike Snow performing live in Vancouver, BC

reviewed by Hugo Lunny, photographed by Natasha Davidson

It’s always hard to truly understand art and creativity. There are a huge number of “artists” who create fantastic material, but are driven by one goal; money. Their art isn’t really representative of their emotional self or their unique way of thinking. It’s essentially just smart business.

Andrew Wyatt and the rest of Miike Snow don’t come across that way, at all. Having met with Andrew beforehand to interview him, I immediately was struck by his apparent lack of interest in being interviewed. Spending time with him, he made it clear that the music was a lot more important than the artists and throughout other interviews he has been quoted alongside Christian and Pontus, as wanting to create something almost mythological.

Miike Snow’s show reflected their passion for their music.

The group emerged onto stage as their set began wearing white face masks covering half of their faces. In order to present a fully rounded sound, a few more performers joined them to have each element of their electronic music translated for the live experience.

Three songs in (at which most photographers were meant to put away their cameras) the group removed their masks and kicked their show up a notch. It was surprising noticing the sold out crowd’s completely mesmerized response, Wyatt didn’t once fall into the live show cliche of addressing the audience and stating how great it is to be in their city, he simply performed. That’s all. They simply performed their material, and added a live twist, stretching out songs, altering them in part and keeping 1200+ people in love with what they were doing.

As the set finished, and the encore wrapped the night the main aspect of the show I took was this; Miike Snow are a fantastically talented group who consider their music more important than their own egos. The cliches in a live performance were ignored, and all we were left with was an excellent show.

Andrew Wyatt also mentioned to us during our interview (just hours before the show) that he enjoyed the time he had forgotten his shoes and performed barefoot, for the Vancouver date (maybe thanks to our reminding him) he tried it again.

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