GARDEN FESTIVAL 2010 Top tips for festival lovers – make this years festival experience the best one yet! 2nd – 11th July 2010

GARDEN FESTIVAL 2010 Top tips for festival lovers – make this years festival experience the best one yet! 2nd – 11th July 2010

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of The Garden Festival! Time is very much flying as summer looms large, and this year’s Double Whammy of weekends are all set to start another mesmerising festival season on the sun-kissed Garden Petrcane site.

We’ve rounded up a selection of artists appearing at the festival and asked them for their top tips on how to get the best out of a festival experience. Here’s their advice…

Crazy P
1. Remember the first night is the first night…save a little bit of sanity for the rest of the weekend.
2. Try go see the bands and djs you know AND those you don’t…
3. Wet wipes; a fast, reliable and convenient option to a shower!
4. Be prepared for that “ten to two -you’ll do” situation. Be safe not sorry 😉

The Revenge
1. A butler is an essential piece of festival kit – it’s always good to have someone to put up and take down your tent.
2. Stay on the cider and stay off the poppers.

Filthy Dukes
1. Always take wellies, even if you’re going to Croatia! You just never know.
2. Always bring some fancy dress, this is fairly important I think. I would currently suggest a Kigu, a Japanese all in one animal outfit –
3. Get a bit of sleep. You dont want to peak to early, find some shade or somewhere dry and have a little snooze.
4. Take lots of photos, I nearly always forget but when I do remember they are great to bring back some crazy memories. I played at 35 festivals last year which have sort of become one big blur.

2010’s lineup is almost complete with several exciting additions gracing what is already the biggest showing yet across both weekends.

With everything from NYC deep disco from Metro Area’s Darshan jousting with the electronica of Jamie Jones – one of the most talked about artists of 2009 for a string of revered releases and sets – through to the legendary Terry Callier – long standing friend of Curtis Mayfield – and the brilliant live outfit 2020 Soundsystem, quite simply the Garden has it all – and more! One of Scotland’s finest, Garden debutant The Revenge, is set to unleash his fine disco cuts. London’s Horse Meat Disco debut too, themselves enjoying their most fruitful year yet, and two late night specialists also make their first appearances at The Garden, Sebo K and Seth Troxler, bring a tech-noir edge to nocturnal proceedings. Breakestra is a ten-piece funk “orchestra” from Los Angeles, California, formed by Miles Tackett in 1996 and the Phenomenal Hand Clap Band offer multitudinous influences blending funk, soul, reggae, dance, hip-hop and Brazilian beat, as well as rock, disco and electro, encapsulating the spirit of the Brooklyn underground and are a stunning live addition to the Garden.

Of course it’s not just all about the new boys – some already legendary Garden guests also return, including Greg Wilson, Henrik Schwarz, Kelvin Brown, Terry Farley, No’ Fakin and a great deal more also star. Festival fave Sir Norman Jay also returns this summer. Always bringing something special to where ever he plays, Norman encapsulates the very best in house, funk, soul and a few classics thrown in for good measure! The Garden is further bolstered with the return of Mancunian genre-buff Mr Scruff and sonic scientist Qool DJ Marv. Splicing R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, House, Jazz, Funk, Rock and Soul classics effortlessly together heralds one of the most exciting aural pioneers ever to have played at the Garden. On the live side, Killer Whale (The Arthur Russell Project), project makes its debut too – reinterpreting Russell’s incredibly rich deep disco sounds into dance floor abandon.

Nestled on a narrow pine-shaded peninsular jutting into azure Adriatic waters, The Garden Festival site is truly breathtaking as is the entire area, complete with hidden coves, distant mountain ranges, long walks and an abundance of fresh sea air. Intimate cafes and restaurants line Petrcane’spromenade which follows the gently curved bay and the pace of life slows considerably during the days, yet you are never too far from the action either. As the sun goes down the site is transformed with entrancing sunset sets, late night live shows and all night long partying for those in the mood.

So picture the outdoor Amphitheatre cast in dappled shadow from the wizened trees surrounding it. Imagine The Tiki Bar and people dancing on the decking, on the beach or frolicking in the water. Witness the late evening Argonaughty Boat chugging back into dock, packed with happy revellers and as a live act – let’s say 2020 Soundsystem – rips it up on the open air main stage, someone discreetly unlocks the doors to Barbarellas Discotheque and an all night long session awaits with Horse Meat Disco…we can’t wait.

Names Announced so far…
Please note there are more headliners and acts to be announced!
Bonobo • Mr Scruff • Metro Area (Darshan Jesrani) • Henrik Schwarz • Crazy P • Ame • Killer Whale (The Arthur Russell Project) • Dixon • Sebo K • Seth Troxler • Shur-i-kan • Tensnake • Terry Callier • Floating Points • Rob da Bank • Breakestra feat Chali 2na • The Phenomenal Handclap Band • The Revenge • Glimpse • Greg Wilson • Jimpster • 2020 Soundsystem • Faze Action • Rub n Tug • Filthy Dukes • Jamie Jones • Adam Regan • Adam Shelton • Alex from Tokyo • Bobby Beige • Bootsy • Borka • Christophe (Redux) • Daddy G • Dave Beer • Dave Jarvis • Deano Ferrino • Discomendments • DJ Lenny (OPM) • DJ Strangefruit • Dolan Bergin • Dom Chung • El Diablos • El Harvo • Emma Chibuku • Felix Dickinson • Florian Keller • Gadi Mizrahi • Geddes • Hang The Dj • Harri and Domenic • Horse Meat Disco • Hot Toddy • Ichisan & Nakova • Ilija Rudman • Itchysoul • James Hillard • James Holroyd • Jim Stanton • Joe 90 • Jogarde • Karen P • Kelvin Brown • Kid Bongo • Matty J & Ben Terry (Tirk Records) • Mayer Hawthorne • No Fakin DJ’s • Norman Jay • Ole Smokey • PBR Streetgang • Pete Herbert • Phat Phil Cooper • Phil Mison • Qool DJ Marv • Red Rack Em • Ron Basejam • Sam Redmore • Sean Brosnan • Simon Morrell • Soul Jazz Sound System • Ste Hodge • Stu Patterson • Subb-an • Terry Farley • The Roller Boys • Thomas Brunner • Tristan Da Cunha • Yam Who?
Argonaughty Boat Parties
So much to choose from across the full two weeks of Argonaughty adventures…
Tirk Ahoy / 1st July / Boarding 13:30
Greg Wilson * Rub N Tug * Matty J * Terry

The Sub-marine Club / 1st July / Boarding 18:30
Harri * Domenic * Junior* Telford

Mulletoverboard / 2nd July / Boarding 13:30
Geddes * Jamie Jones

Hang The DJ / 2nd July / Boarding 18:30
The Revenge * Kazeem * PBR Streetgang * Andy Lemay

Crazy P v El Diablos / 3rd July / Boarding 13:30
Crazy P * El Diablos

Faith Houseboat / 3rd July / Boarding 18:30
Stu Patterson * Terry Farley * Dave Jarvis

Below v Basics / 4th July / Boarding 13:30
Adam Shelton * Sub An * Tristan Da Cunha * Dave Beer * James Holroyd

Futureboogie / 4th July / Boarding 18:30
Joe 90 * El Harvo * Kid Bongo * Christophe

HMS Goodtimes / 5th July / Boarding 18:30
Norman Jay * Roll and Butter

TBC / 8th July / Boarding 13:30

The Futuredisco Dingy / 8th July / Boarding 18:30
Dom Chung * Emma Chibuku * Sean Brosnan * Ilija Rudman

Electric Minds / 9th July / Boarding 13:30
Faze Action * Yam Who? * Dolan Bergin

Basement Boogaloo / 9th July / Boarding 18:30
Red Rack’Em * Nick Shaw * Ed Cotten * Irish crew still tbc

No Fakin v Sick Trumpet / 10th July / Boarding 13:30
No Fakin DJ’s * Phat Phil Cooper * Ste Hodge

Resident Advisor’s All @ Sea / 10th July / Boarding 18:30
Seth Troxler * Sebo K

Webfoot / 11th July / Boarding 13:30
Mr Scruff * Daddy G * Adam Regan * Bobby Beige

Innervisions Ahoy / 11th July / Boarding 18:30 SOLD OUT
Ame * Dixon * Henrik Schwarz

TBC / 12th July / Boarding TBC
Crew still tbc

General Information
Croatia itself has enjoyed a bumper year as a travel destination, offering everything from secluded coves and deserted stretches of pristine beach to historic and vibrant cities, succulent sea-food and an enriching culture of old and new. Many of those who attended one or more of the weekends this year also took time out to explore some of this inspiring and seductive country too. Check and for more info.
Here’s a round-up of the latest flights available from Europe to Croatia. These prices are subject to additional administration / payment card charges & baggage costs.

Brussels to Zadar Ryanair 02/07/10 – 08/07/10 99.87 euro

Bari to Zadar Ryanair 06/07/10 – 13/07/10 53.98 euro
Milan to Split Easyjet 01/07/10 – 08/07/10 186.98 euro

Basel to Split Easy Jet 30/06/10 -07/07/10 150.98 euro
Geneva to Split Easy Jet 01/07/10 – 08/07/10 112.98 euro

Stockholm to Zadar Ryanair 30/06/10 – 07/07/10 247.00 euro

Oslo to Zadar Ryanair 30/06/10 – 07/07/10 225.00 euro

Dortmund to Zagreb Wizzair 06/07/10 – 13/07/10 9.98 euro
Bremen to Zadar Ryanair 30/06/10 – 07/07/10 39.98 euro
Frankfurt to Zadar Ryanair 02/07/10 – 09/07/10 92.67 euro
Dusseldorf to Zadar Ryanair 02/07/10 – 09/07/10 96.98 euro
Stuttgart to Zadar Tuifly 05/07/10 – 12/07/10 153.98 euro
Cologne to Zadar Germanwings 06/07/10 – 13/07/10 149.98 euro
Berlin to Split Germanwings 01/07/10 – 08/07/10 149.98 euro

Dublin to Zadar Ryanair 07/07/10 – 14/07/10 173.35 euro

United Kindgom
London to Zadar Ryanair 30/06/10 – 07/07/10 124.95 GBP
Edinburgh to Zadar Ryanair 07/07/10 – 14/07/10 162.00 GBP
London to Split Wizzair 02/07/10 – 09/07/10 92.98 GBP
Bristol to Split Easyjet 30/06/10 – 07/07/10 143.91 GBP

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