Under Byen Releases New Video and mp3 Download for “Kapitel 1”


“…hard to get out of your head once you’ve given yourself over to it…Under Byen give themselves over completely to a particular way of doing things, in the process crafting an album whose utter strangeness is arresting and whose consistency of vision is impressive.” – Pitchfork, 7.6 Review

Denmark’s heavily atmospheric and strikingly beautiful septet Under Byen recently released their video for “Kapitel 1” (available on Vimeo), along with the mp3 download for the song (available for posting). The clip so closely parallels the song that Stereogum, who premiered the video, remarked “the result is as moody and taut as the track…The sparse track’s strings also give the impression, almost, that it was written as a soundtrack for the video, because they’re so in sync.”

Directed once again by visual artist Sidse Carstens, who was behind their video for “Alt Er Tabt” (All is lost), the clip focuses on a few dramatically coiffed characters, each enacting individualized, powerful gestures, collectively focusing on their hair. As the director states, “I’ve decided to do this as a piece of art, not a music video in the common sense of the word. I often work with different characters in my movies.”

“Kapitel 1” (Chapter 1) is taken from Under Byen’s recently released fourth album, Alt Er Tabt, available now on Paper Bag Records.

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