Drunken Barn Dance Announce Sophomore LP “Grey Buried”


There are rules in our lives: Stop here. Pay this. Do that. These rules serve their own purposes; to protect us, to guide us, keep us safe. NY-based Drunken Barn Dance has rules as well. They are as follows: 1) adult beverages are mandatory, 2) no more than a handful of tracks and takes, and 3) enjoy it. The band, which is led by Scott Sellwood of Saturday Looks Good To Me/David Dondero, and features members of City Center, Canada, & Great Lakes Myth Society, applied these rules to the making of their sophomore full-length Grey Buried, out on September 21st via Quite Scientific Records.

There’s no pretense here. The feeling is loose, rough around the edges, with a drink in hand a la Guided By Voices and The Hold Steady – a literate, boozy amalgam of obliquely western tinged indie rock. Perhaps you take Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, put it in a tumbler, add The Mountain Goats and shake the hell out of the drink, and pour it into a rocks glass with Jameson.

Their rapid-fire recording method destroys resulted 17 songs recorded in 8 hours, 10 of which grace Grey Buried. No instrumental overdubs – you hear it as it was played. All vocals recorded a few weeks later with the same 1 or 2 take rules.

No bullshit.

Grey Buried Tracklist:
1. The Last Desperate Stand Of The Last Fair Man
2. Tapo Canyon Drowning
3. A Winter’s Tale
4. Ain’t No Weather Fouler
5. No Love
6. Time Spent Underground
7. Leaving Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin…
8. Evelyn Wears A Tiara
9. The Guest List
10. You Left The Wrong Girl

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