Chromeo continue on with Business as Casual

Chromeo Interview

Interview conducted by Hugo Lunny, photographed by Natasha Davidson

Having found huge success with their last album, P-Thugg and Dave 1, otherwise known as Chromeo are back to Business as Casual. The duo have been touring and furthering their next album’s buzz off of the strength of the hit singles “Night By Night” and “Don’t Turn The Lights On.” Their internet buzz is quite powerful at the moment as most streaming sites feature the songs.

MVRemix: What made you decide to record the majority of “Business Casual” in Brooklyn, New York as opposed to in Montreal?

P-Thugg: We actually started [recording] in Montreal. All the demos and pre-production was completed in Montreal, then probably the second half in New York just for logistics because Dave is going to school over there. He’s taking a couple things, so we could actually be in the same city.

Dave 1: Everyday.

P-Thugg: So that we could physically go to the same studio everyday and work. There’s a good part of the work that we can do from a distance but there comes a point where we have to get together and record stuff.

MVRemix: How long did it take you to record “Business Casual” as a whole record?

Dave 1: It’s tough to quantify because I mean we were writing demos all the time, we were writing songs all the time. There’s little demos that were like three years old, two years old… But in terms of gathering all the ideas and recording all of it, I would say a good year/year and a half.

P-Thugg: On and off.

Dave 1: On and off, yeah.

MVRemix: What inspired the title?

Dave 1: [smirking] I made a reservation at a bit of a “dubious” restaurant. It was a tacky spot, I was embarrassed. And on the answering machine it said. “Dress code is business casual.” I thought it just had an 80’s resonance to it, you know? A yuppie meets Don Johnson, meets Huey Lewis thing. I told P[Thugg] that could be a funny title for the album and we liked it, but we thought it might have been too jokey. Then it just stayed in the back burner. We couldn’t think of a better title, and at one point my brother (DJ A-Trak) shot me a text saying, “You know what? I think you should keep Business Casual” and so we kept it. I’m really happy actually we’ve gotten great feedback.

MVRemix: From the recording process, how many songs would you say you recorded in total, and how many did you throw away?

Dave 1: None.

MVRemix: Not necessarily threw away, but how many were recorded for it that didn’t make it?

Dave 1: None.

P-Thugg: The selection process is pretty intense. So if we choose a song we know right away from a demo if we sing to each other, we know if it’s gonna turn into something or not.

Dave 1: There’s dozens and dozens of demos.

P-Thugg: There’s a lot of demos and a lot of ideas.

Dave 1: But in terms of what we choose to make an actual song out of, like what P [Thugg] said, when we’re going down that road, there’s no turning back. It’s gonna make it on the album.

MVRemix: Now I know there’s a French ballad on the album, will you be doing more music in French or was it that your main crowd is English and so you record the occasional French song?

Dave 1: We’ll do stuff in French if there’s more ideas in French. We don’t have anything against it, but we’ve never had a good French song idea. Now [with] that song it was fairly convincing, and it was fun to do so if there’s more, we’ll do more.

MVRemix: What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of Chromeo?

P-Thugg: [pondering] Well there was in the past this misconception that we were not serious and that we were ironic with music.

Dave 1: Definitely the irony part.

P-Thugg: I think that’s fading out with longevity with us keeping doing what we’re doing it’s running out. Other misconceptions… That we…

Dave 1: [interupting] That it’s me dancing in the “Night By Night” video. That’s the biggest misconception.

MVRemix: Yeah, I’d read that it was a stunt double…

Dave 1: Yeah, sadly yes. Ladies, I’m sorry. I have other talents; I make a mean scrambled egg.

MVRemix Camera Woman: Make a mean omelette.

Dave 1: She fell for it.

MVRemix Camera Woman:No? Not really. Not a good cook?

Dave 1: Me? Lousy, but my scrambled eggs are great. It’s a start.

MVRemix Camera Woman: That’s great, at least you can do that.

Dave 1: See, easy.

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