Francis of Francis and The Lights Interview

Francis of Francis and The Lights Interview

Francis Farewell Starlite is not your average frontman. Hell, I don’t even know if Francis has an average bone in his body, but it translates to some really interesting work.

If you’ve heard his music or seen any of his videos, you’ll know how hard it is to describe the band that is Francis And The Lights. There’s bits of soul, rock, pop, hip-hop and everything else fused into something that is definitely unique.

He just recently finished touring with Drake and MGMT (on separate tours) and we managed to get a hold of him for an interview.

MVRemix: I noticed the video for “Darling It’s Alright” was directed by Jake Schreier who used to play keys in the band. Was this a concept you both came up with together? Was it easier to work with some one you know so well?

Francis Starlite: Jake Schreier and I intend to collaborate on more music videos in the future. Both Darling, it’s Alright and “The Top” were true collaborations between he and I, from beginning to end.

MVRemix: What inspires your music?

Francis Starlite: The potential to make something good.

MVRemix: What is it like to take your sound to larger venues? Does it translate well or do you prefer the intimacy and feel of smaller clubs?

Francis Starlite: A large venue and large audience is a thrilling artistic proposition. Both are good though.

MVRemix: If you check out your muxtape you can see that there are all kinds of alternate versions of songs posted. Is this something done for fans to enjoy or for a more personal reason? Are your piano lessons done for the same reason?

Francis Starlite: I do it because I would want to hear those alternate versions if i was a fan of Francis and the Lights. I release them because I think they are good in some way.

MVRemix: I read on the blog that there’s an upcoming concert film in the works. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Francis Starlite: I had to hold off working on a concert film because the performances, footage, and audio quality weren’t good enough. I hope to make a good concert film in the future.

MVRemix: Who first introduced you to “The Elements Of Style” and why have you found that book so influential?

Francis Starlite: My mother. She gave me the book as a present. I will forever be deeply thankful for this. This book has affected and influenced my work and my life more than anything else. More than any band, friend, parent, or role model. When i first read it, i realized the errors of my ways, and set out to try and correct them. Some of my favorite rules are: “be clear,” “prefer the standard to the offbeat,” “omit needless words,” and, “work from a suitable design.” My stomach jumps just writing them down, right now.

MVRemix: Do you feel a lot different now that you have a full album to promote? How does this compare from releasing EPs in the past?

Francis Starlite: I don’t think of this album as any different in importance than my previous releases.

MVRemix: What’s next for Francis And The Lights?

Francis Starlite: I hope to release more music in the future, and go on another tour before the year is over.

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