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Introducing: Pet Shop Boys and Gorillaz approved Unicorn Kid

Introducing: Unicorn Kid!

“…it’s basically music you’d fight ninjas to in Second Life, assuming there are ninjas in Second Life. Or Timbaland if he took coding classes with Zomby. Whatever it is, it exists, it’s here, it’s great, and it will make you want to put Hackers at the top of your Netflix cue.”

“Relying on the sounds of vintage computer games mixed with contemporary production stylings, the electro prodigy puts out an eccentric sound that is part dub step, part pop and and part dance music. Listen to “Dream Catcher,” his latest brew that is pretty darn genius.”
—Arjan Writes

Still just a teenager and already with remixes for Gorillaz and Pet Shop Boys under his belt, Unicorn Kid can also name Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and BBC-1’s Rob Da Bank as fans. Re-releasing his first single, “Dream Catcher” on Ultra Records, Unicorn Kid gives a chiptune take on bass heavy dubstep. “Dream Catcher” feels breezy and surprisingly organic, a digital departure from dubstep’s current heavier counterparts.

Matching the organic feel to the instrumental “Dream Catcher”, the video takes footage of Unicorn Kid enjoying a waterfront field on a sunny, vibrant day, and digitally modifies it, adding a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effect. Cuts of foliage and water, inverted images of Unicorn Kid in an animal hat, and dancers are spliced together seamlessly, making it difficult to peel your eyes away from the screen.

This Edinburgh native has shared the stage with Kissy Sellout, Hadouken!, as well as the Pet Shop Boys, at massive festivals such as Bestival, SXSW, and Underage Festival. The future for Unicorn Kid holds more tour dates, along with the release of his next track, “Wild Life”.

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