Living Days Debut EP

The new Brooklyn band, Living Days, is teasing us plenty with their debut album, Make Out Room, Part 1. Released through The Muse Box on October 12th, Living Days flirts with faded images of spin the bottle and  shoulder padded romance.

Lead singer Stephonik Youth is rhythmically nostalgic,  a hauntingly familiar voice much like Robert Smith of The Cure. If an album had to feel like a year, I’d call this 1983, but if you’re assuming this is a sugary sweet ’80s concept band, you’re mistaken. There’s something dangerously romantic about Living Days, like they’re the kids from Hollywood who crash Julie Richman’s party in the valley. Maybe new wave needs a second wave, and Living Days is totally on top of it.

“Lets Kiss” will be the most notable single to come off the album, and with good reason. It’s airy and blissful. Another notable song I’ve taken a liking to is “Romeo and Juliette,” which has just enough power to sweep you off your feet and carry you into your teenage bedroom where you wrote in your high school diary.

Living Days is hinted perfectly with what made bands like The Cars, Joy Division and The Jam pull at your heartstrings and make you snap your fingers.


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