Teletextile announce Reflector EP – Free mp3s and Release show


Brooklyn, NY avante pop band Teletextile proudly announces the release of their new EP Reflector. As a preview they’ve made the tracks “What If I” and “I Don’t Know How To Act Here” available for download at To celebrate the release the band will perform live at Pianos November 20th, a night hosted by Stark Online. Also performing are Motel Motel, Dinosaur Feathers and Cat Martino and Roadside Graves.

Free at
What if I
I Don’t Know How To Act Here

Teletextile is the creation of multi-instrumentalist (Harp, Piano, Violin, Guitar) and vocalist Pamela Martinez. A follow up to a previous release Care Package, the Reflector EP was recorded with her primary band members Caitlin Gray (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) and Luke Scheiders (Drums, Bells), as well as friends Brian Hamilton (Cymbals Eat Guitars), Aynsley Powel (Tigercity, St. Vincent), Elliot Krimsky (Glass Ghost), and Dave Sheinkopf (The Subjects). Producer Al Carlson (Games, Oneohtrix Point Never, St. Vincent) helped work the boards as they recorded through most of the first half of 2010. The dreamy soundscapes alternate between delicate plucking of the harp strings to a adorned voluptuous sound, all making the bed for Martinez’ boundless vocals.

A San Antonio, TX native, Martinez began her love affair with the musical arts at a young age. Family sing alongs alternated between her mother and grandmother’s love of Ettta James, and her father’s affection for George Harrison. When her punk rock aunt would baby sit, the two would watch The Labyrinth and Hairspray on repeat, fostering her affection for the stranger more festooned side of life, art, and music. After attending University in Boston, in 2007 she moved to New York where she worked with the group So Percussion. Through that experience she met the likes of Matmos, Paul Lansky, Tristen Perich, Zeena Parkins, Lesley Flanigan and others. All composers that used both electronics and acoustic instruments in their music, the relationships she formed in those early days in the city remain an influence in the present.

Reflector represents the latest step in Teletextile’s unfolding journey towards self-discovery, and the listener is encouraged to come along for the ride. Martinez’ sites one of her main motivations of creating and playing music as finding a way to replicate the experience of dreaming. “You should want to close your eyes when listening to music,” she says, “it should be your own story, your own vision.”

Reflector EP Tracklisting
01- The Moment (intro)
02 – I Don’t Know How To Act Here
03 – What if I
04 – John
05 – What if You

November 20, 2010- Reflector EP Release Party
(In Conjunction with Stark Online)

Pianos – 158 Ludlow, New York, NY 10002

Teletextile, Cat Martino, Dinosaur Feathers, Motel Motel, Roadside Graves

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