The Brute Chorus – How The Caged Bird Sings Review

The Brute Chorus – How The Caged Bird Sings

The Brute Chorus will make you want to put on a pair of saddle shoes and wish sock hops had never gone out of style. British folk  has always created a particular buzz, but these blokes are hard to peg. Lead singer, James Steel, has a voice that can sit delicately on the edge and then unexpectedly tear open and leap out. Their new album, How The Caged Bird Sings, is a testament to old time rock and roll. “Could This Be Love?” could have been played at a high school dance in a John Hughes film.

Then, Steel’s wild and ambitious voice hits a sultry mark. “Startling” and “Wife” are soft and mysterious, teary songs you may hear on a lonely night at a dive bar.”Birdman” will take you back again into that bepob ’80s spunk that makes this album so likable. Think Oingo Biongo meets Arctic Monkeys. Think handsome fellows in skinny ties singing the blues. This music makes bruding look hip.

“Whipping Boy” is spiritual and moody, lyrical repetition with serious Jim Morrison undertones. It is perhaps the most memorable song off the EP. Finally, “Heaven” closes out How The Caged Bird Sings, complete with a bridge that chops and breathes, “Hea–eh–eh–ven.” Somehow this calls to mind the “ki-ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma-ma” scenes in Friday The 13th.

The Brute Chorus is a melding of different genres, but if one thing’s for certain, their new album is soulful and timeless. It gives us a taste of rockabilly sensation and then turns it over to caramelize the entire moment.

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