Poly Styrene Generation Indigo (April 26, Future Noise Music) “Virtual Boyfriend” Video On AOL Spinner

Poly Styrene Generation Indigo (April 26, Future Noise Music) “Virtual Boyfriend” Video On AOL Spinner

“Poly, DayGlo heroine of playfully serious punk and icon to Beth Ditto among many others, makes an unexpected festive return”

“’Generation Indigo’ is her most commercial record yet but remains spiritually, socially, and environmentally concerned”
– Mojo

At the end of 2010, Poly Styrene, the unforgettable frontwoman and iconic face of the seminal band X-ray Spex announced her return to the music scene by releasing a free download of alternative festive anthem “Black Christmas”. Poly’s reggae tinged track took on the commercialism that has infected the holidays and served as a reminder of how much we need her voice. Along with her ahead-of-their-time sound and vocal styling, her lyrics have been amazingly prescient. A true musical; and fashion rebel, Poly Styrene has returned at her most thrilling.

“Black Christmas” was just the beginning of what Poly Styrene has in store. The forthcoming album Generation Indigo is due on April 26 through Future Noise Music and was produced by Youth (The Verve, Killing Joke, The Fireman, Edwyn Collins).

X-ray Spex may have only been around for a couple of years but their star shone brightly. Poly Styrene’s return is highly anticipated; she remains a genuine icon and one of the premier influences on the Riot Grrrl and Britpop scenes. Currently, a new set of young American bands like the Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, The Gossip and countless others recognize her fiery, irrepressible presence. With her great self-styled image, brilliantly sharp lyrics and powerful presence, Poly’s indomitable spirit still inspires.

After reforming the band for a one off show at The Roundhouse, Camden in 2008, Poly was persuaded to start writing a solo album. Armed with a record’s worth of songs, Poly met Youth who added his own epic style to the tracks. The resulting LP kicks off with the mighty, power-pop of “I Luv Ur Sneakers”, and maintains the quick pace with forthcoming single “Virtual Boyfriend” – before then moving into dubstep territories on the title track “Generation Indigo”. The album takes in everything from neo-X-ray Spex punk rock on “Thrash City” and “L.U.V” to the Trojan-reggae infused grooves of “No Rockefeller”, “Code Pink Dub” and “Colour Blind” whilst one of the stand out songs, “White Gold” attests to the power of Poly’s soaring vocals.

The forward looking Generation Indigo showcases Poly’s humorous musings on pop culture, the internet and fashion whilst also tackling heavier subject matter (war and racism) with her politically aware and intelligent lyrics. Generation Indigo is a fantastic return to form for Poly and a welcome comeback for her fans. With her never-failing ability to connect with her audience regardless of the year and their age, Poly Styrene’s remarkable voice sounds as vibrant and innocent as ever.

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