Hadag Nahash return to the U.S., SXSW appearance, six gold albums


New York, NY – It was announced today that Hadag Nahash would be returning to the U.S. for tour dates in March including an appearance at SXSW. Steadily moving dance floors across the globe, Hadag Nahash may be the funkiest band in the Middle East. Hailing from Jerusalem, the group has combined Hip Hop grooves, strains of rock, reggae and middle eastern tunes in their music. With six gold albums in their homeland, the band has been making headway in the U.S. of late including their music’s major inclusion (4 Songs) in the Adam Sandler motion picture Don’t Mess With The Zohan. Hadag Nahash’s music has also appeared on the prime time TV show NCIS and most recently they have licensed their hit “Lo Maspik” on the world-famous game The Sims 3.

While the music is uplifting and dance ready, the band works in messages of social and political issue into their songs. Early in their career, Hadag Nahash managed to walk the fine line between popularity and social agenda. Known for their feverish agenda, they’ve become moral critics of Israeli society. Their songs promote equality and civil rights, and create a soundtrack to the local struggle against racism and corruption. This unique perspective made them the center of attention, both locally and internationally. An example of this is on the band’s 2004 hit “Shirat Ha’ Sticker (The Sticker Song)” which was actually a song containing lyrics entirely pulled from the slogans of 54 bumper stickers that Israeli author David Grossman observed on cars in Israel. The song was a HUGE hit almost reaching platinum status is Israel and came to the attention of international media including The NY Times who wrote a feature on the phenomenon titled “Honk If You Love Bumper Stickers” that said of the song “Imagine the dazzling unlikeliness of Russell Banks having collaborated with Mos Def or Chuck D on a chart topper.”

A Rolling Stone feature on the band following their sold out U.S. tour several years ago focused on the song Misparim (Numbers). The song includes the lyrics “Nine is the number of times I was too close to a terrorist attack” and front man Sha’anan Streett recalls being in café as a suicide bomber went off right outside. Bringing their messages to an international audience the band has toured Europe, Canada and the U.S. several times. Known as a killer live band with energetic performances, they have performed with such notable artists to the U.S. audience as The Black Eyed Peas, Missy Eliott, Cypress Hill, The Streets, Speech of Arrested Development, Matisyahu and Leeroy (Saian Supa Crew). Hadag Nahash most recent album 6 has already attained gold status in Israel and the band will be releasing it in the U.S. later this year. Look for the band to perform songs from 6 as well as songs from their film and TV appearances and past hits on the upcoming U.S. dates. More dates to be announced shortly!

March 10 – UC San Diego, CA (Porter’s Pub)
March 12 – Redwood City, CA (San Francisco area) (Carrington Hall @Sequoia High School)
March 13- Houston, Texas
March 14-19 – Austin (South by Southwest)
March 19 – New York (City Winery)

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