TURNER CODY Gangbusters First Commercial Release in the US, Out April 25th

TURNER CODY Gangbusters First Commercial Release in the US, Out April 25th

New York, NY – On the 25th of April Turner Cody will release his latest recording “Gangbusters!”. Although this is Cody’s first commercial release in the US, the story of this young songwriter is already a long one. Over twelve years and nine albums, Turner Cody has molded himself into an artist of great form and scope whose vision blends the old with the new, the hope-filled with the melancholic, the sacred with the profane.

“Gangbusters!” was conceived in the vein of heart-ache and the redemption of love. “The Only One I had is gone”, ” Can you See Me, Mon Amour” and “Lost as Lost can be” narrate the pathos of failed relationships and the tragedy of unfulfilled expectation. “Au Revoir” is a classic modern breakup song.

The latter half of the album is a testament to love found and culminates with the anthemic “Nobody Like You”. It ends in the symbolist imagery of “You Know that about Me”, which expresses the joys and sober realities of true love and commitment.

“Gangbusters!” is Cody’s third studio album with Herman Dune, and many of the tracks were fleshed out over their two years on the road together. The lyrical flare displayed on previous Cody albums are here given a color, meter, and phrasing as never before. Jon Natchez and Kelly Pratt (both of Beirut) add melody and texture in poignant horn arrangements that add depth to the vocal track. For the final mix, Dan Myers (Adam Green) worked well to turn live studio takes into a mature, well-balanced final product.

“Gangbusters” will stand as a prime example of infallible contemporary songwriting.


Turner Cody is a prolific songwriter who has been performing and recording for over ten years. He has toured Europe and the UK many times since 2003, opening for Herman Dune and Adam Green but also headlining as a solo act and with his backing band. He has appeared on some of New York’s finest stages with the Citizen’s Band.

Turner’s first commercial release was on Rough Trade’s 2002 “Anti-folk Vol.1” CD alongside Adam Green, Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis and others from NYC’s legendary Sidewalk Café scene. In 2006, James Toth (Wooden Wand) released a vinyl only edition of Cody’s “Quarter Century/The Great Migration” on his label Mad Monk. In 2007, “Quarter Century” was released through Boy Scout Recordings. Also that year the compilation “60 Seasons” was released through b.y. Records in Europe. 2007 saw the release of “First Light” (Boy Scout Recordings/bb island). Turner’s first domestic USA release is the album “Gangbusters!”, which has already got him a great deal of attention after being released in Europe in 2009. His most recent albums have featured Herman Dune on bass & drums and members of Beirut and Arcade Fire.

Before this, Cody self-released five albums: “Turner Cody” (’00), “This Springtime and Others” (’01), “Who Went West” (’01), “The Cody Choir” (’03), and “Buds of May” (’04).

In 2004, he co-founded the club night “Hassid Meets Hipster” which united two disparate elements of Brooklyn culture for three years.

Most recently, he worked with video director Chris Edley (art director, MGMT) and his song “Corner of My Room” played a big role in the award winning film “Un Prophete” by Jacques Audiard (Grand Prix at Cannes in 2009 plus many others).

Turner lives in Brooklyn with his wife Madeline.

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