Love Inks – Set to Release Debut Album E.S.P. May 10, 2011 Digital Single ‘Blackeye’ Out March 8 (Hell, Yes! / City Slang)

Love Inks – Set to Release Debut Album E.S.P. May 10, 2011 Digital Single ‘Blackeye’ Out March 8 (Hell, Yes! / City Slang)

Stream ‘Blackeye‘ Single Here. (Digital Single out March 8)

Austin, Texas three-piece Love Inks are set to surprise and seduce music fans and critics across the board this Spring, with the release of their debut album E.S.P. due May 10, 2011. Conceived and recorded with strict, direct motives, the sounds captured within the album’s 10 tracks are simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar, an old drum machine, at special moments a Moog Satellite and, most importantly, the simple yet poignant vocals of Sherry LeBlanc.

The combined sound is minimalist dream-pop; imbued with raw emotion, sexuality, and splashes of electronic color. Focus is placed primarily on the voice, which is direct and honest and real – no frills, tears through extravagant side roads, or indulgent solos necessary.

Sherry however, is a firm believer in positivity. Her lyrics are never abusive or cynical:

“We are a family, and in some ways stronger because we are always supportive. The album reflects a time and place for everyone in the band. A time to pare down to what is necessary, essential. Cut out complexity, and you’ll find a deeper layer that is thicker and stronger. Like the human body, you’ll eventually end up at a nerve; once it’s hit, that’s when we know we’re there, and that’s when we press the record button.”

Self-recorded in their own home of Austin, Texas and mixed by a friend, the idea was to get the purest signals from all instruments and feed them through an 8-track reel-to-reel, immediately warming the sounds and weaving them all together. This process was drawn out on a piece of paper in schematics before recording with the concept being: The less digitized, the better. In March of 2010, Love Inks started the process with fifteen or more songs, and by June they were down to a solid ten.

The songs featured on E.S.P. were written to showcase the essence of emotion behind each instrument. It started as an exercise and became the only way to do it, forever. With the guitar and bass, Love Inks found there is a way to drop it perfectly into the song, in between everything, so that the vocals can exist in their own world, floating independently above the song.

Love Inks are set to tour the US later this Spring after completing the video for their upcoming single ‘Blackeye’ – a highly infectious, dreamy pop gem released digitally March 8, 2011. Keep watch for more updates on this Texan three-piece, including a selection of dates at this years’ SXSW.

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